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7 Best Substitutes For Media Crema

A popular sweetener used in various dishes is media crema. Because of its distinctive flavor, condensing, and sugariness, Media Crema has established itself as a fundamental component of American cuisine. Media Crema, sometimes known as “half cream” or “light cream,” is a wonderful product produced by Nestle and other dairy firms in Latin America. Because it won’t curdle, it’s perfect for mixing into hot recipes to bring out their richness.

For your convenience, if you run out of Media Crema, some of the great substitutes that you can use include Double cream, Condensed milk, crème fraîche, Clotted cream, Evaporated milk, Heavy cream, and Coconut cream or milk.

What Is Media Crema And How Is It Used?

Especially popular in South America, Nestle’s Media Crema is a well-known brand. For many people, the definition of “Media Crema” is unclear. Given its intended function, it really makes an excellent synonym for “table cream.”

It is made from milk, cream, and stabilizers and has 18 to 30% fat. Media Crema gives anything you’re preparing a rich, creamy flavor straight from the can. It improves the tastes of a variety of dishes, including meat, vegetables, soups, and fruits, and combines well with just about any beverage.

Many people enjoy Media Crema because of its silky flavor and double cream smoothness. Notably, Media Crema does not require refrigeration and may be used straight from the jar. Media Crema is a cuisine that may be used in a wide variety of recipes since it is quite neutral.

Media Crema is widely used in Soups, especially butternut squash and sweet potato or cream of mushroom soup. It is also wonderful in mashed potatoes, It gives the potato some much-needed moisture, creating a rich, creamy side dish that would complement any holiday feast. If you thought cheese sauce with a béchamel base was good, wait till you try it with an all-cream basis for macaroni and cheese. Similar to how Media Crema may elevate a macaroni cheese dish, it can also spruce up a Fettuccini Alfredo.

Best Substitute For Media Crema

 SubstituteBest For
1.Condensed milkBaked goods, Custard, Desserts, Pies, Puddings, Ice cream, coffee
2.Double creamSalad dressings, Baked goods, Macaroni and cheese, Smoothies
3.crème fraîcheSauce, Soups, Fettuccine alfredo, Fruit salads,
4.Evaporated milkBaked Goods, Custard, Chowders, Coffee
5.Clotted CreamIce cream, Baked goods, puddings, desserts,
6.Heavy CreamMeringue, Baked goods, soups, Desserts, Puddings, Fettuccine alfredo,
7.Coconut Cream, Or MilkSauce, Baked goods, Puddings, chowders, coffee

Media Crema may be obtained at any grocery store or online retailer because of its enormous popularity in the United States. But occasionally, you can be without this superb cream and in need of a stand-in for a certain recipe.

There are situations when a media crema replacement is necessary. When that occurs, finding a decent substitution is a terrific way to modify a dish so that you may add flavor and make it creamy.

1. Condensed Milk

Condensed Milk

One of the best Media Crema replacements is condensed milk. Like Media Crema, condensed milk is thick and sweet. They are also interchangeable since they both come from the same source: milk and cream. Condensed milk has a fat percentage of around 8%, but Media Crema (table cream) has a fat content of only 18–30%.

Additionally, Media Crema is sugar-free compared to condensed milk, which contains a lot of sugar. In other words, whereas the sweetness of Media Crema derives from the cream base, the sweetness of condensed milk comes from the sugar.

Everywhere from the United States to Europe, Latin America, and Asia, condensed milk is utilized in kitchens. In addition to being used in coffee, tea, baked goods, and desserts like pie, pudding, and ice cream, sweetened condensed milk also tastes great in coffee.

2. Double Cream

The word “Double cream” may have given you an idea of what it tastes like. Another excellent alternative to Media Crema that you may use in your recipes is double cream.

In terms of texture, the double cream “doubles” the thickness and density of the other creams on the list. You may immediately get extraordinarily thick double cream by simply whisking it. It’s a frequent misconception that heavy cream and whipped cream are the same things as double cream in the United States. Double cream is thicker and sweeter than whipping cream and contains 48% butterfat.

3. crème fraîche

crème fraîche

Even while crème fraîche isn’t the most preferred choice, it’s still a close contest. In France, it’s really a wildly popular option.

The flavor of crème fraîche is comparable to a thickened, nutty, dry sour cream. Instead of using synthetic chemicals, this thickening, which is derived from unpasteurized sour cream, depends on naturally existing bacteria to provide the required consistency. This also explains why crème fraîche usually has a taste that is rich, buttery, and tart.

The flavor of the meal is impacted by the fermenting process. However, the outcome is consistently sweet and creamy. It also gets thicker and thicker as it cools after heating. Additionally, Creme Fraîche may be used to bring a crisp note of acidity to any meal and can be served alongside fresh fruit or swirled into soups or sauces to offer a bit of dairy richness and thickness.

4. Evaporated Milk

Evaporated Milk

Evaporated milk has even less fat (6.5%) and less added sugar, making it a little better choice if you’re currently striving to maintain a slim figure. However, although having a bit less fat and sugar than it should, evaporated milk is by no means physically lean.

Although it isn’t quite as thick as Media Crema, it is still sufficiently thick and condensed to substitute for everyone’s preferred Media crema. It works perfectly for any baked good or custard.  Additionally, evaporated milk comes in a can, exactly like Media Crema, so you can keep it in your dry store and save up vital refrigerator space for other things.

5. Clotted Cream

Clotted Cream

Clotted cream contains 55–60% milk fat.  Don’t get too addicted to this stuff unless you’re okay with adding a few pounds. It’s by far the most delicious and lavish Media Crema substitute.

Due to its higher fat level, clotted cream is a true work of dairy art, so it can be tougher to give it the boot than you’d expect. It’s obscenely rich and creamy. Let’s also not forget that it is also very sweet.  The main component of opulent ice creams that offer a taste of frozen paradise with each bite is traditionally clotted cream.

When you go out for a traditional cream tea, you’ll also find it sandwiched in scones along with lots of delectable jam. Clotted cream is your best option if you truly want to spoil yourself and don’t care what happens, albeit it can be too rich for some uses.

6. Heavy Cream

Heavy Cream

As implied by the name, heavy cream is a very sweet and dense substance that is frequently used to produce whipped cream, cakes, and other foods that require thickening or sweetness.

If you’re wanting to produce a really rich sauce to spread over your savory supper, this may be the replacement to use since it is made up of cream, milk, sugar, stabilizing agents, and thickening agents. Additionally, it is far more “whippable,” so your quest for an alternative is done if you want your cream to have firm peaks like meringue.

But keep in mind that heavy cream is sweeter and fattier than Media Crema, so even while it works as a suitable replacement, you should definitely limit its use to occasional treats and replace your MC frequently if you’re managing your diet.

7. Coconut Cream Or Milk

Coconut Cream

Coconut milk or cream can be used in place of media crema. Coconut milk will have a thinner consistency than coconut cream, which tends to be much thicker.  Still, if you’re searching for a vegan substitute, this is a great option.

Coconut milk is a tasty, high-calorie milk that is prepared by combining coconut flesh with water. It has gained popularity as a vegan alternative to dairy goods like milk and cream. Similar to how condensed milk and evaporated milk are used, it can be substituted for table cream in many recipes.

It may be used in a 1:1 ratio without needing to be decreased or combined with cornstarch because of its thick nature. You may add sugar, honey, or vanilla extract to it to make it sweeter. However, because it has a unique coconut flavor, it could affect how your food tastes in general.

Bottom Line

A light cream that comes in a can is known as Media Crema. Many people love it and use it in a wide range of recipes. There is no need to worry if you run out of Media Crema. Simply take one of these fantastic replacements discussed above and everything will turn out delicious.

Those great alternatives come in different flavors, textures, and ingredients. Some are vegan, some have fewer calories, and some come with great tastes. The information provided above will help you to decide which one you need in a specific recipe.

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Media Crema

7 Best Substitutes For Media Crema

  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: 4


  • Condensed milk
  • Double cream
  • crème fraîche
  • Evaporated milk
  • Clotted Cream
  • Heavy Cream
  • Coconut Cream, Or Milk


  1. From the list of substitutes above, pick your favorite to use in its place.
  2. Use your imagination and be creative with these substitute recipes!
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 minutes

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