Valentine’s Day Table Decor

Valentines-day-table-decor.jpg Sophisticated Table Setting Ideas for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Celebration.   Bring out the glam. For a dramatic yet personal display of love and affection, exploit your living space creatively and to the fullest. For this Valentine’s Day, I dressed the chandelier with opulent plumes in pale blush and light pink-colored  feathers. There is just something so romantic and ethereally stunning about it– the feathers create a beautiful illusion of clouds suspended from above the dining table. These ostrich feathers are available in a variety of colors, find them in the fashion district of your town or simply order them online. They cost pennies but produce a real “wow” factor when tucked into the floral arrangements or served along with the breakfast tray in bed for that special one. If you don’t have a chandelier, you can just string up some romantic photos of the two of you, perhaps in black & white, or just the letters spelling “LOVE”on the wall , mirror or from anything else that strikes your fancy. Valentines-day-table-decor-ombre-floral-display.jpg Think ombré, think different. Following the newest hair color trend— ombré, the French term for gradually-dyed lightening of hair’s ends, I was inspired to design the floral centerpiece with the gradient of shades. Thus, with just a swing of my locks, I stylishly decided to go “ombré” for this floral display! Valentines-day-table-decor-ombre-floral-centerpiece.jpg The saturated deep fuchsia-colored carnations mixed in with the fragrant garden rose in a similar hue became the center of the arrangement with shades gradually melting into the color continuum of lighter purple chrysanthemum and then  into the white assortment of lush hydrangea. Elegant yet delightfully exuberant, this trend remains my personal favorite! To see floral designer tips on how to work with the floral foam, click here. Valentines-day-table-decor-ontemporary-white-plates.jpg Table setting—modern twist. White china is the staple of the entertaining world and let’s be honest here, the food DOES look better on that white canvas of the plates! For this occasion I used my porcelain modern set with diverse grainy textures and interesting finishes. Valentines-day-table-decor-ombre-floral-centerpiece.jpg Valentines-day-table-decor-fuchsia-silverware.jpg  To balance off the color scheme, I chose equally modern, stylishly simple silverware with inlaid fuchsia handles which had an appealing tactile feel. I picked these linen napkins embroidered at the edges with the cascading shades of burgundies and reds that further tied-in various elegant hues of this tablescape. Valentines-day-table-decor-crystal-wine-glass.jpgValentines-day-table-decor.jpg The glassware provided by Martinka Crystalware & Lifestyle, a boutique seller of high-end stemware. These beautiful, handcrafted in Czech Republic wine glasses are aptly named the “Morning Frost” and work magically with the entire setting. Martina’s family has been in the glass industry for four decades but this is their first foray into the retail side of the business. All of their stemware and barware looks super elegant whether filled with Champagne or orange juice. Valentines-day-table-decor-champagne-ice.jpg Champagne on ice.  What comes to mind when you think of Valentine’s Day?—I say, of course  Champagne! But make it a little extra special by simply freezing thin slices of strawberries, whole raspberries, small  rose petals or whatever speaks Valentine to you in ice cubes. Serve the bubbly in the bucket covered with the ice for a stunning celebratory presentation. Valentines-day-table-decor-make-it-personal.jpg Make it personal.  Show your affection and love by artfully displaying Valentine’s cards from all the previous years you collected on console table or leave a few around the house your loved one may look for to find. Valentines-day-table-decor-red-velvet-strawberry-mousse-verrines.jpgValentines-day-table-decor-red-velvet-strawberry-mousse-verrines.jpg Sweet Valentine. Whether you’re hosting this Valentine’s Day for likewise madly-in-love couples or thinking about a more intimate setting for just the two of you, don’t skip desserts! And with my easy to follow recipes of Red Velvet & Strawberry Mousse Verrines or Chocolate Meringue with Strawberries, to finish off the night on a sweet note! Valentines-day-table-decor-chocolate-meringue-strawberries.jpgValentines-day-table-decor.jpg Can’t go without candles.  Everything looks prettier with the candle glow— from our complexion to our living room! So don’t be shy and use as many as you have in your house. A cluster of oversized candles or, au contraire, elegant display of mismatched candle holders clustered together as a display create an intimate warm ambiance. Valentines-day-table-decor.jpg Play romantic tunes.  Your first dance song, a romantic selection of modern beat or all-time classics like the famous Dean Martin’s “Dance with Me” will kick off the romantic mood. Valentines-day-table-decor-happy-valentines-day.jpg Now that you have all the necessary tools take the inspiration from my table to yours!  Happy Valentine’s Day!  In summary, here is what you will need to set the scene for your perfect Valentine’s Day Celebration:
  1. Ostrich feathers from Fancy Feathers
  2. Flowers are courtesy of Blooming Bears
  3. Wine glasses and water glasses Martinka Crystalware & Lifestyle
  4. Double sided (grey and light pink) tablecloth can be special ordered from Art de Fete
  5. Corded Ombre Napkin in Natural/Plum by Kim Seybert
  6. Mepra Fantasia Flatware in Light Mauve color from Gracious Home
  7. Rosenthal Studio-Line porcelain plates and chargers or at  Gracious Home
Photographed by Gary Flom.  What are you tips & secrets on throwing a perfect Valentine’s Day dinner party? Share in the comment section below.         

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14 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Table Decor”

  1. This Valentine’s Day decoration is absolutely beautiful!!! I like it’s simplicity and color choice. Thank you for sharing the brand names of the table decor. The glassware by Martinka Crystalware & Lifestyle looks fantastic. I definitely going become more familiar with this brand.

    1. Hi Yuliya, thank you so much for your comment, I hope you are in romantic mood this year to use my decor as an inspiration for your table:))). Martinka Crystalware is a great company, they pride in what they do, and every single item on their website meets high quality and good price!

  2. I love these feathers!!! It looks very unique! Everything is very cute , lots of color and light! Svitlana, you look beautiful on a picture, great choice of clothes!

    1. There is just something about feathers- their natural flow, lightness & beauty that works wonderfully for Valentine’s decor. Thanks for the fashion compliment, i’m wearing one of my fav silk skirt. Are you celebrating tomorrow?

    1. Oh thank you, I actually used three mirror-glass vases, there is a square one in the middle and two narrow long ones on both ends. My table isn’t too wide so i have to stay creative in picking the right vases to display floral arrangements. What do you think of ombre color trend? Are you hooked? :)))

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