Traditional Red & Gold Holiday Decor

  Traditional Red & Gold Holiday Decor. The magic of the Holiday Season is always so enchanting— the piney aroma of the Christmas tree, cozy warm sweaters, sparkling tree ornaments, eggnog, champagne or apple cider and of course, the traditional seasonal favorites like Christmas Glazed-Ham, Standing Rib Roast, Duck, Turkey or Goose at your family gatherings. There is more to the Holiday Menu than just a delicious home-made feast. The ambiance, the décor and shared embrace of the goodwill of your family and friends at your dinner table make all the difference in the world. Set the stage right this season and make a statement with this Traditional Red & Gold palette-inspired Holiday Décor Continuing my collaboration with my friend, floral designer Olga Gerasimenko of Blooming Bears, we worked on creating a festive tablescape using her signature shaped floral centerpieces. Table centerpiece of red carnations.Table centerpiece of red carnations with golden bow-tie. Who doesn’t love flowers in their home, especially during the holiday season? For an extravagant-looking holiday table centerpieces, Olga created four simple yet elegant floral spheres of different sizes, colors and heights. To stay consistent with the color scheme for the dining table we used red and white carnations only. Don’t underestimate this budget-friendly staple of delis and grocery store flowers. Due to their soft, lush nature and when used in bulk, these flowers can form a lavish table masterpiece! Table centerpiece of red carnations. This clear glass cake stand served as a perfect pedestal to display the main floral centerpiece. Feel extra special? Use some of the left over tree decorating ribbons to “gift wrap” the ball. Finish with a large bow tie on top and curl the ends in a playful festive way! These ribbons are malleable and are easy to bend and curl. Red & Gold Christmas Table Decor-crystal candle holders, candles, tiny ornaments. .Red & Gold Christmas Table Decor has scattered tiny little ornaments. These luminous crystal candlesticks in red are a treasured “budget” hunt find from Home Goods. Their diamond cut patterned base reflects the sparkles of the light and burning candles offer extra glow and magic. To enhance the celebratory mood, scatter these leftover tiny-little ornaments across your dining table. Christmas ornaments. Our Traditional Red & Gold Christmas Tree is bearing a graceful assortments of beautiful ornaments, ribbons and a gilded star topper on top. Festive table setting. For the table, the idea was to design a traditional, but not rustic, very elegant setting. I generally love mixing high and low but for this setting we went all the way. The intricate design of these porcelain salad plates (as featured on the image) contributes to some dining table drama, richness and sophistication. Napkin.Burgundy and gold Christmas salad plate. The gilded fan pattern of the plate has an astonishing effect on the entire setting. To emphasize the palette and pattern even more, I layered it with simpler gold and silver-rimmed dinner plate s in white and a burgundy charger, all high quality French porcelain. White carnations. White carnations sphere with red bow-tie on top. Traditional Red & Gold Holiday Decor. To create a truly luxurious effect,  Olga used floral crystal pins for the smallest red sphere. It is an inexpensive way to bring some sparkle to any of your floral arrangements. To balance off the tablescape, we bow-tied the middle sized sphere of pure white carnations with a ravishing red ribbon. Traditional Red & Gold Holiday Decor. Christmas ornaments.Traditional Red &Gold Holiday Decor. Ribbon-hung golden pinecones and matte bulb ornaments in red not only dressed up the dining table but also tied it in with the ornaments on our tree. The soft light of our crystal chandelier discretely illuminated the ornaments, creating a magical atmosphere for the eve. Alternatively, hang the ornaments across the window in the living room. Traditional Red &Gold Holiday Decor. Runner is a great alternative to the tablecloth especially if you have a gorgeous tabletop to showcase. It is absolutely no fuss and easy to clean. Mine was just a 10 dollars steal! Christmas Tree in red and gold. Magnolia leaves. I’m always inspired by the use of natural materials in any decor and to add some additional texture to my tree I used these beautiful magnolia leaves gilded in gold, which I inserted in between the branches. Traditional Red & Gold  Holiday Decor.Home decor.Christmas ornaments. When getting your home ready for the holiday entertainment, show some love to your powder room as well! Attention to detail always counts. Burning cinnamon spice or gingerbread-scented candle will not only infuse the air with seasonal smells but will also show your guests that you really care! Decorating Christmas tree. Red berries for a simple pop of color, glass pinecone ornaments hand-tied with satin ribbons, and varying sizes of red and gold glass ornaments dressed the Christmas tree. An embrace of swirling festive ribbons gently bundled it, further accentuating its natural beauty. Create a striking focal point by topping the tree with a simple gilded star. This red and gold tree décor has an organic feel, with just the right amount of decoration to be not overpowering but festive enough to brighten up any space. Traditional Red & Gold Table Decor. Magnolia branches. To dress up the window in the living room, I nestled a bevy of fresh magnolia branches on my window sill. But don’t stop at a window, they would also look gorgeous on any mantel, credenza or even a console table in the foyer. The pinecones I picked in the Lake Tahoe’s forest a couple of years ago also came in handy for creating this festive display. Insert the pinecones, red berry branches and simple red bulb ornaments along the length of the magnolia display. A grouping of white candles in varying heights and sizes completed the entire look. Which hues speak to you this season: Traditional Red & Gold or something new?  Happy Holidays, Everyone!  Photographed by Gary Flom.  

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11 thoughts on “Traditional Red & Gold Holiday Decor”

  1. Love it! Absolutely love it! This is where traditional colors and textures meet untraditional, fresh ideas. It would be the most astonishing holiday décor you could ever imagine. Especially when you can make it yourself.

  2. Thank you, Olga! Absolutely, all you need is to embrace the holiday spirit and unchain your creativity! I say “yes” to red and gold color-inspired palette for my Christmas Table, what’s yours??? :))))

    1. Thank you so much for your compliment! It is my sophisticated spin on a traditional Christmas colors and i’m definitely keeping this red & gold decor for our holiday table this season!

  3. Red and gold are still my favorite colors of the Christmas. I really like that you picked deep-dark red. It gives a luxury look to the house. Very beautiful!!!

    1. These colors speak Christmas to us both!:))) This traditional red & gold holiday decor adds festive, merry and somewhat glamorous but cozy ambiance to our home. We just love it and can’t wait to host the Christmas dinner for family and close friends. What are the colors you used in your home decor this season?

  4. Beautiful Svetlana, very special like always, a lot to lern from your ideeas.I just want to wish you and family a very Happy New Year, health and keep the good work.
    Love Susan.

    1. Thank you for your nice greetings and kind word, Suzana! Happy Healthy 2014 to You and Your Family as well. May this year bring much success, lots of joy, happiness and good health. Thank you for your encouragement and support, i really appreciate it!:)))

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