The Stylish Layers of Autumn and Winter

The Stylish Layers of Autumn and Winter

As the trees shed their leaves in preparation for winter, the fashionable bunch do the opposite. We get creative in layering up for the colder months! I asked my friend Violet who is the creator of FashionLAWbly to help me create the autumn layered look for ModCloth FashionLAWbly is an informative blog that is currently in its launching phase and that has a play on words to emphasize its goal: to be fashionably on time with legal and news developments in fashion.

With the help of Violet and her impeccable taste for effortlessly chic outfits, the two of us ventured on a mission to create the perfect layering ensemble. The goal was to style an outfit that was as suitable for brunch in the city, as it was for a trip to a local farm to choose a pumpkin for the holidays!

We discovered that ModCloth has just the right selection of undershirts, tops, sweaters, and cardigans to achieve all of our stylish objectives for autumn. We selected a combination of trendy and classic pieces to create the perfect outfit bursting with some color. The orange and red hues that accentuate this outfit pay homage to the changing colors of the leaves of fall. Skinny jeans, which should be a staple in every fashionable girl’s closet, can be dressed up or down, and our selected tops for this outfit can be worn to achieve both of those purposes. Unbutton the classic black tunic to reveal the bright red of the camisole underneath, which balances perfectly with the mosaic details of the chunky cardigan that warms you up on top. The cycle of the seasons brings with it exciting new trends, and this outfit lets us indulge in some of them, such as the Southwestern print motif of the cardigan and the fringe detailing of the bag.

What we really loved about this outfit is its undeniable versatility. Put on a classic brown bootie and grab the neutral colored tote and you have a fun urban look that can even work for casual Fridays at the office. After the work day is over, take off the cardigan, and maybe even the black tunic, and you have an effortlessly chic outfit that you can confidently wear indoors for happy hour. Alternatively, sink into a pair of the comfortable brown flat boots and get cozy in the plush coat, and you are weather-ready to go out into the country to enjoy the season’s harvest. Finally, do not forget to accessorize with statement earrings, such as this fringe golden set. As the temperatures fall and we cover up in stylish layers, our ears are the perfect choice to embellish with some sparkly jewelry.

Check out ModCloth fabulous collection of cardigans here.

Violet Averbakh contributed to this article for Art de Fete. She is also an attorney and the creator of FashionLAWbly, which covers current legal and business affairs in fashion. 


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