Rustic Chic Thanksgiving Table Decor

rustic-chic-thanksgiving-table-decor Rustic Chic Thanksgiving Table Decor This year was transformational for me and my husband in many ways and thus, this celebration especially meaningful. When designing this year’s Thanksgiving décor I wanted to create an atmosphere of special warmth and intimacy for our family and closest friends yet one that would also be seasonally stylish, chic and not your run-of-the-mill traditional turkey day get up. Hence the antlers, tartanceramic, glass and steel were my elements of choice. rustic-chic-thanksgiving-table-decor Thanksgiving has been one of my favorite holidays ever since I came to the United States and moreover, I just love entertaining in autumn. Such abundance of rich, luscious colors and seasonal produce is hard to match in any other time of the year. The foundation of my tablescape was a tartan fringed shawl that set the design direction and cemented different elements of the tablescape. The deer antlers added an unusual whimsical twist and the mix of pewter and white dinnerware by Juliska contributed the gravitas and tradition. Mouth blown glass goblets also by Juliska provided that faint hint of medieval revelry that really worked with the tartan, antlers and pewter collection to complete the scene. The importance of tablescape design cannot be overlooked, when done right it will almost send a subliminal message, create that vibe if you will, which will channel the positive ambiance of content and enjoyment too your guests. rustic-chic-thanksgiving-table-decor I was happy with the end result, the table looked smashing, the guests were impressed and most importantly the atmosphere was sparkling with conviviality and excitement. Another awesome Thanksgiving! In creating this tablescape I once again I collaborated with Juliska a wonderful dinnerware company based in the USA but with ma manufacturing roots in Check Republic. rustic-chic-thanksgiving-table-decor Define your color scheme The first step in creating a signature look for your holiday table is to define its color scheme. Look around your house, flea markets or regular home décor stores for the inspiration. This year, my must haves were a tartan shawl like my grandmother used to have and a pair of deer antlers. rustic-chic-thanksgiving-table-decor It is time and cost consuming to decorate the house and table for the big holidays, but with this look you can easily transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas décor.  Just change the floral arrangement to something more wintery like pine-cones, magnolia leaves, whole walnuts and berries and voila, you have a different look without spending big bucks. So good luck and happy hunting! rustic-chic-thanksgiving-table-decor rustic-chic-thanksgiving-table-decor Seasonal blooms I used a pasta bowl and round floral foam cut in half to display my floral arrangement of roses, dahlias, sunflowers, calla lilies and branches of oak leaves. Soak the foam in water until fully submerged, transfer to your container and fit it in, shaping with the knife if needed. Using floral shears cut the stems of the flowers on a 45 degree angle. Start arranging the blooms from the top of the floral foam and work your way around it, alternating roses with dahlias, sunflowers and calla lilies. Cover the bottom of the vessel you are using with vibrant autumnal branches like oak and let them spill over the sides. Not only will it look luxurious but it will also serve as filler that will reduce your costs. Pheasant feathers will add the rich look to any of your arrangements, but they are especially relevant for a Thanksgiving table decor. Tuck two or three directly into the foam to compliment the arrangement. Floral tip: Always strip the stems of most of the leaves. It will help your arrangement last longer. rustic-chic-thanksgiving-table-decor Old world luster Timeless, somewhat rustic but elegant look of Pewter Stoneware collection is paired with Juliska’s Berry & Thread dinner plates in white came together embracing the rustic nature of the season. Go for a layered look, place the charger first, then dinner plate followed by the salad plate on top. There are few ways you can place a napkin, it is either in between the plates, on top of the plates or on a right hand side under the utensils, take your pick. rustic-chic-thanksgiving-table-decor Play with the texture Texture always compliments the coziness of the season; don’t be afraid to mix wool, wood, feathers, glass and ceramics together. The best tablescapes are the ones that juxtapose pattern, material and color. Instead of a festive tablecloth you used last year, throw a classic red fringed tartan wool shawl on the table to get lovely rustic look of the season. rustic-chic-thanksgiving-table-decor Drink like a connoisseur These magnificent footed wine glasses from Juliska’s Graham collection are ideal for your holiday table décor. Mouth blown by their master craftsmen in the hills outside of Prague, they are elegant and stylish with a hint of the old world charm. Crowned with a signature thread and a single berry, these gorgeous wine glasses will be a worthy embellishment for your holiday table. I paired them with the stemless wine glasses which we used as the water glasses instead. And let’s not forget, that the wine tastes better in a right glass, and these glasses are designed and shaped to compliment the best of your vintages. Try and do your five S’s of wine tasting- see, swirls, smell, sip, savor and experience the wine like a connoisseur. rustic-chic-thanksgiving-table-decor Deer antlers In the winter deer shads its antlers and you can find them in specialty stores. Buy the small ones in bulk and display them throughout your house, on the mantel, under a glass bell jar or any other place you like as an element of seasonal décor. These will look equally stunning in a chic New York apartment or in the country house upstate.  In my tablescape two deer antlers adorned both sides of our dining table. rustic-chic-thanksgiving-table-decor rustic-chic-thanksgiving-table-decor Napkins Choose dark chocolate or espresso linen napkins and place them casually in a folded triangle on each plate, top with oak leaves or any other flower, fruit or leaves from your centerpiece for a that rich look perfect for fall. rustic-chic-thanksgiving-table-decor Touch of nature The vibrant colors of the oak leaves and wheat colored burlap name tags contrast beautifully against the chocolate-espresso colored linen napkins. rustic-chic-thanksgiving-table-decor Elevate the height Candles wrapped in birch bark can be found everywhere this season. Play with heights and use various sizes to create ebb and flow of the tablescape elevation. rustic-chic-thanksgiving-table-decor Candleholders These versatile little tea light candle holders easily transform into a beautiful vessel for single bloom flower when you flip them upside down. I displayed burgundy dahlias in them. They also make an especially charming gift for your friends to take home. rustic-chic-thanksgiving-table-decor How to achieve the look:
  1. Charger and Salad Plate Pewter Stoneware Collection by Juliska.
  2. Dinner Plate in white Berry & Thread Collection by Juliska.
  3. Large Footed Goblet Graham Collection by Juliska.
  4. Stemless White Wine glass from Amalia Collection by Juliska.
  5. Flatware Bistro 5 Piece Setting by Juliska.
  6. Salt & Pepper Pewter Collection by Juliska.
  7. 4 Tea light/vase by Juliska.
  8. Espresso Herringbone Napkins by Juliska.
  9. Square Crystal Candlestick  by Tiffany.
  10. Wool tartan shawl 50×50 from B&J Fabrics.
Photographed by Gary Flom.  

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