Gorgeous Purple and Silver Holiday Decor

Christmas Tree. Christmas ornament.  Have you decided on this year’s Christmas table setting yet? There are so many wonderful styles to choose from—retro-inspired, vintage romance, the traditional red and green-colored Christmas decorations, rustic simplicity, or glamorous pastel. Pick the one which works best for your home style and décor. This year I worked on creating two completely different looks for my Christmas tree, table décor and living space– a modern elegant Purple & Silver color scheme and more traditional Red & Gold Christmas decoration. I invited my talented friend, NYC-based floral designer Olga Gerasimenko of Blooming Bears, to help me create the exquisite floral arrangements for both themes.

Holiday table decor.

Purple carnations, white chrysanthemums.

For this post, Olga made three spherical floral designs for the table using two different shades of purple and white carnations, as well as white chrysanthemums. To add some whimsy, texture and detail to this otherwise very elegant arrangement,  insert some berry stems of silver brunia and rice flower almost symmetrically along the centerpiece sphere. The silver grey hue of these adorable berries made them a perfect choice for our winter floral arrangement. White carnation spheres adorned both ends of the table. To balance off the tablescape, Olga created two small spheres of simple white carnations to adorn both ends of the table. These attention-worth displays are actually very easy to make, all you need is flower foam, good pair of scissors and fresh flowers. Look for details on that in my next post-DIY Holiday Floral Arrangements.

Purple and silver table decor.

White tablecloth, crystal-embroidered chargers, festive plates and monochromatic purple ornaments, scattered along the table, set a beautiful stage for our Holiday feast with the family!

Hand-carved Ukrainian Santa Clause.

The hand-carved wooden Santa Clause, or Dedoushka Moroz, the way we call him in Russian, is my treasure hunt find from the artisan market in Ukraine. This hand-painted figure, adorned by tiny detachable birds, reminds me of my childhood’s favorite holiday folklore. Perfect to display at the base of our Christmas Tree!

Holiday Purple and Silver home decor.

To continue with this season’s color theme and merry mood, decorate the tree with purple & silver inspired palette garlands, ornaments, tinsel and candy canes. Scatter the branches of the tree with delicate snowflakes, and hand-tied ribbon glass ornaments, shimmery silver and matte purple balls for this year’s elegant evergreen. Purple and silver tablescape decor. For a modern take on a formal setting, layer a folded napkin between the top plates.

Edible snowflake cookie as a gift favor for the guests to take home.

When the eve is over, consider a festive edible gift favors for your family and friends to take home! This white-glazed snowflake cookie is a thoughtful sweet gift, simply irresistible to everyone– adults and little ones! Christmas ornaments. Christmas ornament. Bring the cheer to your home by decorating coffee table with an unexpected vessel, like a serving plate, vase or soup bowl, filled with sparkly assortment of holiday ornaments or other Christmas memorabilia for a dramatic, high-impact display.

Personalized place setting.

Personalize each guest’s place setting, with a tiny place card. Tie a pure white name tag with a satin ribbon to these cute simple ornaments. Easy and yet elegant, sophisticated!

Purple-colored accent home decor.

Getting your home beautiful for the Holidays is one of the most exciting parts. Update your living room space without spending too much with some accent cushions and soft throw. My plum-colored velvety toss cushions and a soft lavender throw not only enhanced the color theme but added another layer of coziness and warm texture to our home. Christmas Decor. Hanging Christmas ornaments. To add a bit more to the festive atmosphere, tie one of your favorite tree ornaments to each end of a satin ribbon and suspend it from the chandelier. Play with the length, height, color and texture as you wish – the final result is bound to bring a smile to everyone’s face!

Purple and Silver Table Decor.

Make your Christmas décor stand out with these beautiful purple and silver ideas! Christmas decor. Happy Holidays, Everyone! Photographed by Gary Flom.  What is the color scheme that have inspired you this Holiday Season? Share in the Comments section below!           

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9 thoughts on “Gorgeous Purple and Silver Holiday Decor”

  1. It came out perfectly, Svitlana! Everything is well balanced and smooth, very cozy and welcoming, there are no sharp edges in this decor. I’m very proud of us! Thanks for your inspiration and idea of creating this gorgeous White & Purple Fairy-tale.

    1. Olya, thank you so much! It was a great pleasure working with you– always professional,creative and FUN! I loved our collaboration on this season’s exquisite floral decor.

  2. Светлана, не устаю восхищаться вашим вкусом и обаянием! Вы утончённая и элегантная во всём. Превосходно сервирован стол, украшена комната, отличное сочетание цветов. Кажется даже воздух пропитан лёгким морозцем и серебром инея.
    Надеюсь ваши гости будут очарованы и получат массу удовольствия от праздничной атмосферы.

    PS. А я позаимствую некоторые идейки….
    Так держать! Приятного предпраздничного настроения!

    1. Марина Н., спасибо Вам огромное за ваши комплименты! Я очень рада, что мой сайт Вас вдохновляет. Всегда рада Вас здесь видеть! С Наступающим Вас Новым Годом и Рождеством!

  3. And this one, well I love purple and lavender, so it’s my favorite. It’s such a unique idea for the holiday decor because it’s not traditional. It works so well and it’s very inspiring!

    1. Purple color is something we both share love for:))). I thought it’be very elegant and somewhat unexpected to decorate the holiday table in this gorgeous color palette. I’m glad you find it inspiring! What are your colors this season?

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