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paolas-restaurant-walking Restaurant: Paola’s Restaurant Cuisine: Classic Authentic Italian Executive Chef: Paola Bottero Chef de Cuisine: Matteo Calciati Location: Carnegie Hill, Upper East Side Paola’s has been consistently one of our favorite places in Carnegie Hill. In fact, we liked it so much that we chose it as the place to host our daughter’s christening reception. It’s not just the food, although it is always excellent, Chef Matteo makes sure of that, but also its warm atmosphere, relaxing positive energy and of course Paola. One just can’t help but feel at ease there. Originally from Rome, Executive Chef Paola and her son and partner, Stefano, use family recipes and old world charm to enthrall their guests and convert them into clients who come back time and time again. We love the large windows facing Madison Avenue that bring in lots of soft, translucent light as well as the gracious bar and the sunny “cafe de tratoir” area on the 92nd street side of the restaurant. My husband and I have been coming here for years and by now have also brought all of our friends to experience Paola’s unique confluence of food, ambiance and “esistere”! paolas-restaurant-lunch-with-daughter Ladies who lunch. I love taking my young daughter to lunch at my favorite places and let her experience different tastes of fine cuisine. She has her own favorites now! paolas-restaurant-tables-set-up paolas-restaurant-interior A warm, inviting interior enhances guests’ dining experience and allows for a sophisticated meal. paolas-restaurant-red-shrimppaolas-restaurant-red-shrimp-appetizer I really like this special- red shrimp from Mazzara (Sicily). Sweet, fresh shrimp with a citrusy bite of lemon and lime segments, sun dried tomatoes, capers, olives and extra-virgin olive oil. A must try at Paola’s! paolas-restaurant-enjoying-sicilian-shrimp paolas-restaurant-shaved-brussels-sprouts-salad A Roman special – Shaved Brussels spouts and julienned Granny Smith apples paired with Pecorino cheese. paolas-restaurant-at-lunch paolas-restaurant-seafood-salad-appetizer I always go back for Insalata di Mare- a seafood salad of scallops, shrimp, octopus, calamari, rucola greens and simple wine vinegar emulsion. A staple in many Italian restaurants but always excellent at Paola’s. paolas-restaurant-seafood-salad paolas-restaurant-agnolotti-al-tartufo As a middle course, we tend to share a pasta dish for this course, just like in Italy. Vivi and I ate this Agnolotti Al Tartufo, veal and spinach filled ravioli with veal and red wine reduction, plus generous shavings of black truffle. This is one of my daughter’s favorite. Haha, even at her tender age she knows what’s good! paolas-restaurant-lunching paolas-restaurant-raviolli-with-veal paolas-restaurant-grilled-branzino Grilled fillets of Mediterranean Branzino with artichokes, fava beans, peas and mint. Bravisiomo! paolas-restaurant-squeezing-lemon paolas-restaurant-lunching paolas-restaurant-strawberry-shortcakepaolas-restaurant-strawberry-shortcake-for-dessert A classic dessert with Paola’s twist – Strawberry shortcake. paolas-restaurant-panna-cotta-for-dessertpaolas-restaurant-panna-cotta-blueberry-compote And a nice finish with Panna cotta with blueberry compote. Vivi like this as well! Paola’s is an excellent restaurant where you and your friends will always be welcomed, love the food, feel taken care of and leave wanting to come back. I highly recommend it. paolas-restaurant-Vivi-with-a-scarf Vivi’s LOOK: Bright fuchsia Hermes scarf and her favorite Gap denim jacket with faux fur color! Light Caroline Zapf purple dress with tiny blooms paired with fuchsia Jacadi tights & lacquered red shoes. A comfy yet bright look for toddler. paolas-restaurant-food-n-fashionpaolas-restaurant-food-n-fashion LOOK: Eclectic mix of my narcissus-embroidered yellow Gucci skirt paired with a white silk Chanel top and discovered in the closet never worn before, Blumarine jacket I purchased years ago in Italy. The shirt is decorated with a delicate and vintage bow-tie brooch embellished with semiprecious stones. My friend who lives in Kiev, Ukraine gave me the brooches as a gift recently. Magically, I found a similar vintage ring—my husband’s mother gave as a gift as well. Funky heels by Walter Steiger made of blush, blue and silver grained leather were my trophy shoes from the recent trip to Dubai. I paired them boldly with transparent polka dot sock from Century 21. paolas-restaurant-food-n-fashion  

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    1. It’s always such a pleasure to dine at your restaurant- from the food to the ambiance, our experience is always wonderful! Grazie for the opportunity to write about you! Look forward to seeing you in September.

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