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My family and I love  Aspen and travel there frequently. There are dozens, if not hundreds of ski towns and resorts across the United States but only one Aspen. It is a magical place that offers an inimitable combination of great skiing, excellent shopping and a score of outstanding restaurants. There’s just something totally fabulous in the atmosphere there! That’s exactly why I’ve decided to dedicate the next string of my posts in the Food & Fashion section of my blog to our favorite places in Aspen. Be on the look out for them and enjoy! nello-alpine-food-n-fashion-foodbloggernello-alpine-food-n-fashion-sipping-champagne Restaurant: Nello Alpine Cuisine: Swiss Alpine Chic Executive chef/Restaurateur: Nello Balan Location: Base of Aspen Mountain nello-alpine-food-n-fashion-foodblogger-svitlana Just like in fashion where some people religiously follow their favorite designers from one fashion house to the other, trusting them with their new choices and creativity, passionate foodies and restaurant goers tend to follow their favorite chefs or restaurateurs to their new ventures. My husband and I are like that.  Gary has known Nello for almost a decade now and his fashionable restaurant on Madison Avenue in Manhattan was one of the first places where he took me for dinner when we were dating. nello-alpine-aspen-food-n-fashion-interior Nello’s outpost in Aspen is a newcomer in town with a promising future of high-end, festive après-ski, lunch or dinner experience. The interior filled with bespoke furniture made of wood and leather looks as expensive as it probably was to built. It is bright, chic, stylish and also warm, a combination that is sought but not easily achieved. nello-alpine-food-n-fashion-art-de-fete-blogger Original artwork appropriate for the scene adorns the walls. Intricate chandeliers, a light and airy interpretation of deer antlers, provide the intimate lighting and also serve as an art installation. nello-alpine-food-n-fashion-lunch-served It would be a disservice to Nello’s team if I didn’t mention the exceptional service they provide to their clients. The first time we stopped at Nello Alpine was on Christmas Eve which was also the first day they opened. The service was excellent and the staff performed very admirably. Kudos to them! nello-alpine-food-n-fashion-lunch-grilled-scallops At the time of this photo shoot the restaurant overall was even better, the team well coordinated and one can see that they’ve been honing their skills over the last three months. Chef was very open to listening to my comments and input on the dishes I’ve sampled and I respected that. I’m certain that within the next few months Nello Alpine will further improve and take their rightful place among the best Aspen restaurants. nello-alpine-food-n-fashion-lobster-salad Gorgeous lobster salad with thinly sliced endive, artichoke, avocado & basil chiffonade. nello-alpine-food-n-fashion-lunching-1 Fresh, light, this salad is exactly what ladies want for lunch. nello-alpine-food-n-fashion-artichoke-carpacio Raw, thinly shaved artichoke hearts with parmesan, avocado & white truffle oil. nello-alpine-food-n-fashion-truffled-pizza The truffled pizza is soooo aromatic, you’re practically ensconced in waives of rich truffle fragrance as soon it is brought out of the kitchen! nello-alpine-food-n-fashion-eating-pizza Having a slice of that phenomenal pizza at the bar- I just can’t leave it alone! nello-alpine-food-n-fashion-truffled-pasta The menu features soups, pastas & pizza with truffle shavings! I had a simple fettucine with mushrooms & generous amount of white truffles shaved on top served in a beautiful porcelain Le creuset bowl! nello-alpine-food-n-fashion-sipping-wine Few sips in between the courses! nello-alpine-food-n-fashion-eating-duck Crispy dusk roasted whole then served as a duck leg and breast, sliced thinly. Served along side sautéed sauerkraut. A true Alpine experience, must try! nello-alpine-food-n-fashion-tender-meat Osso Bucco al Bosco with veal shank, polenta & mountain mushrooms is absolutely stunning! Soft, fall-of-the-bone hearty main course. nello-alpine-food-n-fashion-meat And now featuring my husband’s favorite, a man’s treat after a day of skiing! Prime veal chop, served simple with arugula & cherry tomato salad! nello-alpine-food-n-fashion-outside-pationello-alpine-food-n-fashion-outside-bar The restaurant has an expansive outdoor seating area facing the Aspen gondola and there is also a view up the slope, which is exciting. nello-alpine-food-n-fashion-gorgeous-outside-bar One of the coolest features is the gigantic bar that spans almost the entire width of the space outside as well as on the inside. It is instantly inviting and we love sitting there for lunch or just to hang out for après skiing. We’ve been told that there are nights when guests dance on it a-la best St. Tropez tradition. It really does remind one of an upscale European ski resort somewhere in St. Moritz or Zermatt. nello-alpine-aspen-food-n-fashion-picking-through-the-window Nello definitely  has what it takes to create an uber cool place. With that acumen, he injected his new restaurant with the “cool gene” and almost overnight- it became a trendy spot in a gorgeous setting where beautiful people like to gather for drinks, music and food. A place to see and be seen and there is nothing wrong with that – at times we all want some of that celebrity glamour, Alpine or any kind. nello-alpine-food-n-fashion LOOK: Extravagant, over-the-top. Dressed to the nines in a funky Dsquared2 dress from the local high-end store Performance Ski, one of my “must” stops when in Aspen. My look channeled a modern Bavarian princess with over-the-knee Moncler socks and Rag & Bone suede ankle boots. Thats one of the things I like about Nello, you can show up dressed super chic or right off the slopes in your ski outfit. Their welcoming sunlit patio is perfect to have your favorite drink and/or eat while listening to cool selection of tunes, played by Nello’s right hand man Blake (seen in the photos wearing a purple cashmere sweater). nello-alpine Photographed by Michele Cardamone.      

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    1. Hi Tony, thank you for your comment! Duck is one of my fav main courses to order, the chef at Nello Alpine cooked it whole, glazed with slightly sweet sauce that produced the most crispy delicious skin and moist meat I have ever tried!

    1. It was amazing, I love having seafood salads for lunch, especially with a glass of white wine. The dressing was super simple-olive oil, lemon juice, salt & pepper! Yummm! You probably can make it at home:)))

    1. Hi Olesia, thank you for your feedback. This was one of my favorite looks during my food & fashion photo shoots in Aspen. I am obsessed with this unique “Bavarian princess” inspired dress by Dsquared:))). Nello is one of the most famous restaurants in Manhattan where celebrities and stylish people like to dine. The one in Aspen is a new comer with a great future ahead-glamorous pares-ski scene, delicious food!

  1. I have to say: “You’ve played the role of a Bavarian girl brilliantly!!!” Completely different, fresh style from what you see on a daily basis. I love your idea of introducing people to new places/restaurants by challenging your fashion style. So far you’ve succeeded in in both. May we see more of your passion for fashion.

    1. Hahahaha, that was one of my fav looks from the Aspen photo shoots, I am so happy you can appreciate me pushing my own fashion envelope a little further! The dress is insane- edgy, young, fun, very different for me but Gary & I both loved it! I almost bought it but it was slightly too big! I hope I’ll be able to surprise you even more with my upcoming Food & Fashion posts.

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