Mushroom Fête Décor

Mushroom-fete-decor.jpg Mushroom Fête Décor I recently collaborated with an amazing company called Gourmet Mushrooms Inc.(Mycopia brand), they are pioneers in specialty mushroom cultivation and continue to be the leading brand in that sector. I created a menu where their delicious fungi took center stage! For our Mushroom Fête , in addition to the menu,  I  designed  the tablescape and invited  our friends to share the experience and enjoy the incredible, delicious   mushrooms! To go along with the theme, the décor of the table was all about foraging, nature and the everlasting renewal of the seasons.  Hopefully it can be an inspiration for your Easter Holiday table or any other family gathering this spring – the season of rebirth.  Here is how I did it….. Mushroom-fete-decor.jpg Foraging landscape For the tablescape I wanted to create a  “foraging” theme, thus a carpet of  moss mushrooms, and  natural elements adorned the center of the dining table. Mushroom-fete-decor.jpg Birch slices of various shapes and sizes from tiny to pedestal-like added degrees of changing elevations, enhanced the  pastoral image and helped the guests imagine that they’re in a forest clearing in early September, resting under the cool tree canopies after day-long mushroom picking. It was simply enchanting! Mushroom-fete-decor.jpg Tableau Noir Take a small stylish blackboard and using chalk, write the name of  mushroom varieties you want to displayed inside the bell jars. The meaty Trumpet Royal mushrooms will easily stay fresh and firm through the night of entertaining. Find them at your local Whole Foods stores. Mushroom-fete-decor.jpgMushroom-fete-decor.jpg  Fungi as a centerpiece Since the entire menu was based on mushrooms as the primary produce element, I thought that it’d be fun to have them as a centerpiece along with freshly planted narcissuses. Mushroom-fete-decor.jpg Put clusters of Trumpet Royal, Brown or White Clamshell mushroom varieties into small clay flower pots and place them on top of birch slices at the table then cover with glass bell jars. Tip: Leave a small opening between the birch base and the jar for the air otherwise the jar will “sweat”. Mushroom-fete-decor.jpg Moss balls The decorative moss balls of various sizes add a degree of dimension to the moss carpet. I used small, medium and large for this display to vary the heights. Mushroom-fete-decor.jpgMushroom-fete-decor.jpg Moss balls are also versatile and useful throughout the year, you can store or displayed them in glass canisters or vases to make a beautiful backdrop for the console table or the dinning area in your home. Mushroom-fete-decor.jpgMushroom-fete-decor.jpgMushroom-fete-decor.jpg Greenhouse effect Each one of these Hermes salad plates from the Jardin des Orchidées collection has a depiction of a unique orchid that complimented the themed tablescape so well. However, even the regular white plate will work equally well if you embellish it with single cut flower, branch or leaf.  Use your imagination! Mushroom-fete-decor.jpg Good steak knives is a must For the main course at our Mushroom Fête dinner, I served a succulent Duck Breast with Purple Cabbage and of course, Mushroom. A good steak knife is a must when serving any meat.  These knives are one of my recent purchases. I first saw them and other utensils from the same brand at a boutique cutlery store in Paris. Alain Saint-Joanis has been manufacturing French cutlery since 1876 and the company is rooted deep in tradition of manufacturing the highest quality product. They use various unique materials such as ebony, rosewood and boxwood as well as various resins to assemble each piece by hand in France. Pick the collection which will complement your dinnerware all year round, like these classic off-white stainless steel steak knives. Mushroom-fete-decor.jpgMushroom-fete-decor.jpg I hope you find some inspiration for your spring table décor and happy planning! To create this Mushroom Fête Décor you will need:
  1. Natural Moss at  Michael’s or  Pottery Barn stores.
  2. 2 medium Clay Flower Pots at Michael’s.
  3. 2 Framed Chalkboards at  Michael’s
  4. Apothecary Jars Tall and Short and Glass Bell Jars at  Michael’s.
  5. Beckett Linen Tablecloth at  Crate & Barrel.
  6. Amber-colored Water Glasses from  Crate & Barrel.
  7. 6 Mercury Glass Votives  from Pottery Barn.
  8. Set of 6, Chateaubriand Steak Knives by  Alain Saint-Joanis from  Gracious Home in store. 
  9. 2 pots with planted Narcissuses from Whole Foods.
  10. 2-Tone Natural Napkins in Light-green Napkins from Gracious Home.
  11. Chalk boards from   Michael’s.
  12. Set of 6 Dessert/Salad Hermes Jardin des Orchidées Collection plates from Michael C. Fina and Hermes boutique stores. 
Photographed by Gary Flom.   

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