Mother’s Day Table Decor

Mothers-day-table-decor.jpg Mother’s Day Table Decor Mother’s Day is indisputably one of the most beloved holidays of the year. Late spring flowers are in bloom, the air is warm and fragrant with the humidity of the summer still nowhere in sight, it is a perfect time to honor your mom with an elegant lunch or dinner at home with the family. Mothers-day-table-decor-elegant-mothers-day-juliska-dinnerware.jpg My Mom lives in Ukraine so this year I decided to have a dinner for my wonderful mother-in-law. I collaborated with Juliska, a small, innovative dinnerware design company with an extraordinarily passionate artistic attitude. I’ve been collecting their serving dishes, bowls, cake stands and pitchers for years because they work beautifully with my existing china in the most remarkable, versatile and stylish way. That was really befitting for my mother-in-law who with her 60s’ movie star looks is also very creative and despite limited resources, actually designed and made her own dresses and hats earlier in life. We invited our immediate family which is relatively small especially when considering the relatives who are local and shared a warm, relaxed evening with plenty of laughter, having great food, wine and recounting lots of family stories and lore. Mothers-day-table-decor-display-gallery-moms-photos-credenza.jpg Loving memories Surprise your Mom by displaying a gallery of period photos from her  youth, adulthood or both of you together on the credenza or a table and show her how much you care. A little touch like this will delight your Mom as well as set the mood for the fantastic dinner you planned for her. Mothers-day-table-decor-juliska-country-estate-dinnerware-collection.jpg Country Estate Enchanting Reading Pavilion, Stables, Main House, Boat House, Garden Party Tent, Conservatory are all artistically depicted throughout Juliska’s Country Estate dinnerware collection. One of the most noteworthy and whimsical details is a hot air balloon subtly positioned on the plates’ scalloped edges as if one could fly over the grand vistas of the country estate’s gorgeous grounds. Really let the imagination roam! This dinnerware collection is modern yet also traditional with its flint gray color further enhancing this juxtaposition of the eras and epochs. The plates are crafted by artisans in Portugal and pair so well with the modern table setting by providing a contrast from the past. Mothers-day-table-decor-mix-dinnerware-collections-create-inspiring-tablescape.jpg Texture, prints, color For our Mother’s Day table setting I mixed three different collections to create a visually interesting and inspiring tablescape that would be full of texture, prints and colors. As the foundation for each place setting, I used a large scalloped charger from Juliska’s custom designed Country Estate collection with a magnificent depiction of an English Manor estate and the rolling English country side. Jardins du Monde dinner plates with their intricate design and beautiful floral patterns “pay homage to the beauty of some of the world’s most famous gardens” and serve as a white background for the main course served on them. To finish the look I used salad plates from the same Country Estate collection that matched the chargers while the dessert/or salad bowls in hand-pressed plum glass were from the brand’s Colette Collection. Mothers-day-table-decor-mix-old-new.jpg Mix old and new  If you have a taste for antiques, try to incorporate some of your accent pieces into the table décor. Mothers-day-table-decor-use-antique-silver-plated-coffee-set-display-floral-centerpiece.jpg I used my antique silver plated 4-piece tea and coffee set to display the floral centerpiece for the table, that really dressed it up and brought a subtle touch of formality to the festive table. Mothers-day-table-decor-create-festive-table-mothers-day.jpg Find something sentimental Our table centerpiece features purple and white Lilac varieties as the primary flower in the arrangement. These quintessentially spring flowers with their fragrantly sweet smell bring something so sentimental and familiar to me and my mother-in-law because they are so prevalent in Russia and Ukraine and have a strong association with fun events and positive memories. Mothers-day-table-decor-lilac-green-viburnum-agapanthus.jpg Green Viburnum, the ball-like clusters of tiny blooms, compliment any floral arrangement and can be used as nice filler alongside the other flowers  to add texture and fullness to the entire display. Stunning Agapanthus, or Lilly of the Nile as it is otherwise known, has a long strong stem with many small trumpet-shaped purple or blue blooms clustered together on top. It adds an interesting dimension and slightly different shape to this Mother’s Day centerpiece. Mothers-day-table-decor-plum-color-glasses-juliska-colette-collection.jpgMothers-day-table-decor-spring-flowers-mothers-day-arrangement.jpg Colored glassware Recently I’ve been craving some colored glassware for my table decor. Color makes everything pop, adds depth, ties everything together and just looks more interesting. Juliska’s Colette Dessert Bowl features the brand’s signature scalloping and decorative embellishment in saturated plum color and along with Colette High Ball Glasses and Goblets give this Mother’s Day table décor an interesting twist. The Footed Goblets doubled as the wine glasses at our table. Mothers-day-table-decor-juliska-olette-colored-glassware,jpg A dash of pink To tie the table together I scattered a dash of pink touches in various spots. The Petal Pink Tuileries Garden Placemat has a very feminine, airy look and it encircled the place setting with a delicate appliqued border while Blush Herringbone Napkin, simply rolled up and tied with the deep purple-colored silk ribbon with the name tags, completed the look. Mothers-day-table-decor-petal-pink-tuileries-garden-placemat-juliska.jpgMothers-day-table-decor-juliska-blush-herringbone-napkin.jpg Bring a noble quality Stainless steel flatware from Juliska’s Villandry Collection with its signature “sophisticated medallion and the warm luster of a hand rubbed finish”, beautifully complimented our rustic chic tablescape. Mothers-day-table-decor-stainless-steel-flatware-juliska-villandry-collection.jpgMothers-day-table-decor-white-chocolate-passion-fruit-cheesecake.jpgMothers-day-table-decor-country-estate-collection-teacups-saucers.jpg Sweet finishing note And last but not least is the dessert! What is your Mom’s favorite treat? If she likes cheesecake, try this amazing White Chocolate & Passion fruit Cheesecake. It requires minimum effort but tastes oh-so-wonderful! Serve the cake casually at the table with an assortment of teas. Sip your brew from Juliska’s Country Estate Collection teacups and saucers and see the kite  flier imaginatively painted on the bottom of each cup moving in front of your eyes. Mothers-day-table-decor.jpg Whether your style is refined or shabby chic, bohemian or low-key, Juliska’s timeless dinnerware collections can bring style and warmth into your home! Be inspired and create a beautiful tablescape that compliments your Mom the most. Happy Mother’s Day!  To create this Mother’s Day tablescape you will need: 1. 6 Blush Herringbone Napkins in linen at Juliska’s website. 2. 6 Petal Pink Tuileries Garden Placemats 3. 6 Dinner Plates from Jardins du Monde Collection. 4. 6   5-Piece Place Setting from  Villandry Collection. 5. 6 Chargers from Country Estate collection in Flint Gray. 6. 6 Salad/Dessert Plates from Country Estate Collection in Flint Gray. 7. 6 Tea/Coffee Cups from Country Estate Collection in Flint Gray. 8. 6 Saucers from Country Estate Collection in Flint Gray. 9. 6 Footed Goblets from Colette Collection in Plum. 10. 6 Tumblers  from Colette Collection in Plum. 11. 6 Dessert Bowls from Colette Collection in Plum. 12. Double sided (grey and light pink) tablecloth can be special ordered from  Art de Fete . Photographed by Gary Flom.        

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