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Restaurant: Lincoln Restorante Cuisine: Modern Italian Executive Chef: Jonathan Benno Location: Lincoln Center, Upper West Side food-fashion-lincoln-restaurante-8 Lincoln Restorante is my favorite place to go when I feel like dressing up chic or before going to see an opera that evening. However, being at the Restorante  is like watching a carefully choreographed performance in it self. The servers gliding across the floor attending to the guests, the sommeliers hovering over the tables and of course, the theater and drama of the kitchen unfolding behind the glass walls.  Ahhh, what a pleasure!
The specialty of the restaurant is to showcase the cuisine of Italy’s different regions. Therefore, the menu is changed periodically and each time it  reflect the uniqueness of a specific region’s culinary best specialties, delicacies, technique and ingredients. Thus, every other month you have a chance to experience Piedmont or Sicily, or Veneto, you get the idea… without actually having to travel there. Cudos to Chef Jonathan Benno for doing a wonderful job in preserving the authenticity of each region’s cuisine.
food-fashion-lincoln-restaurantefood-fashion-lincoln-restaurante-1 Everything about this place, from their ultra modern glass curtain wall exterior, open kitchen and haute cuisine to superbly trained professional staff is simply exceptional. Lead by Michelin Starred Chef Benno and the very able general manager Misha Mariani, the restaurant and their team keep on getting better. That is not necessarily the norm for maturing restaurants but at the Lincoln Restorante it is a testament to the Chef’s leadership. food-fashion-lincoln-restaurante-6 We love coming here in any season. In the summer we dine or brunch on their beautiful shaded outdoor seating area gazing at the reflecting pool, the Lincoln Theater and live art installations frequently staged by the students from the near by Julliard. In the winter we sit in the atrium where in addition to the excellent food we enjoy the phenomenal view of the plaza, the Met and Lincoln Center. food-fashion-lincoln-restaurante-4 Things to try:  ANTIPASTI: Combination of fall ingredients with traditional Italian, like creamy burrata cheese served with roasted butternut squash and pomegranate seeds. Chef Jonathan Benno’s roasted vegetables are always delicious and great to share for the entire table. Feel adventurous? Try the tripe with chickpeas, it’s so good that if you’ve never tried it before you will become a convert – guaranteed! SECONDI: Braised shoulder of beef is my absolute favorite meat dish on the menu, it’s fulfilling and wonderful in the fall. The meat is so tender it melt like candy in your mouth and the portion is just right, not too big and not too small. If you feel like fish, try King salmon or cod. PASTA: Try Chitarra – my husband absolutely loves it. CONTORNI: Get a side dish of roasted gourmet mushrooms, meaty and perfectly browned. DOLCE: If you have any space left, go for some decadent chocolate Genovese with silky gianduja ganache, it melts and sings in your mouse with every bite you take or restaurant’s trio of gelatos, the flavors change seasonally. food-fashion-lincoln-restaurante-10 Take a date or business partners, this place can be as romantic as you will allow it to be or as business oriented as the protocol dictates. Regardless of the reason, if you are a serious foodie and like the sleek yet warm atmosphere, this restaurant is for you. food-fashion-lincoln-restaurante-7 LOOK: Chic, heels in tow, in my case these furry Brunello Cucinelli’s are so in vogue this season. Pleated denim dress and soft leather over-sized clutch. food-fashion-lincoln-restaurante-9 Photographed by AnyaFoto.  

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  1. Pleated skirt is so you! Very fresh, chic look. Anya captured a perfect moment of you crossing the road – reminding me of SJP. Who’s the dress from?

    1. Thank you, Olenka! I got this dress in a very cool store in Tokyo, I have to look up the label for you if you are interested! Yes, my SJP moment, you are so funny! It is always so refreshing to read your comments! Love it & thank you!

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