limani-drinks-by-the-barlimani-by-the-bar Restaurant: Limani Cuisine: Greek-Mediterranean Chef: M.J. Alam Location: Rockefeller Plaza, Midtown limani-greek-restaurant-foodblogger-svitlana-flom What does dining out mean to you? New York City is the mecca of fabulous dining establishments, food courts, street food and specialty restaurants. Whenever my husband and I are dining out we invariably look for thee attributes that make a restaurant interesting: delectable food, great ambiance and cool style. limani-greek-restaurant-decor While Limani is not the only high-end Greek-Mediterranean restaurant in the city it certainly combines all three of our magical attributes under one stylish roof. limani-greek-restaurantlimani-infiniti-pool The focal point of its spacious gleaming interior is the rectangular infinity pool where the soft burble of water evokes the images and feel of the sea. The aquatic theme permeates throughout the overall design and with the bright whites and blues of the dining room one can easily feel teleported to the white washed villages on the shores of Mykonos. The seats and booths are covered in resplendid white leather and the tables with white tablecloths. Replicas of fishermen’s nets snug the stylish booths and large amphora vases filled with olive branches and pomegranates placed throughout the floor create a wonderful ambiance suitable for an intimate dinner for two or a group of friends of ten. limani The combination of the interior design elements create feel of pristine freshness and wholesomeness that really complements the fresh delectable seafood. Fish at Limani can be had almost in infinite variety of preparations; however, we mostly choose the simple grilled version served with excellent olive oil and slices of fresh lemon. We find that the simplicity is best when trying an impressive selection of freshest rare-to-find fish and seafood. Whenever you crave fresh simply prepared mouthwatering seafood, this relatively new Greek-Mediterranean restaurant is a must try. Make your reservations ahead of time; the place gets filled up quickly for lunchtime and weekdays’ dinner. Weekends are less busy and the place is frequented by the elegant New York crowd. limani-seafood-display-station My husband and I dined at Limani on numerous occasions and often brought friends. The place never ceases to amaze the people who come for the first time. The experience is quite interesting especially when selecting your seafood. A waiter escorts you to the extensive array of fish and crustaceans all labeled and displayed on the bed of ice. You pick your meal and decide how to prepare it right there on the spot then return to your table. It is an interactive dining experience! limani-turbot The fish is flown in daily from the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic. Let the staff help you pick your delicacies and go for something that cannot be readily had here in the U.S. limani-live-langoustineslimani-live-scallop The daily deliveries of seafood range from such delicacies as baby Dover sole, lithrini, lavraki or Branzino, St. Pierre, fagri, flat-bodied turbot, my favorite barbouni, or red mullet to fresh scampi and live scallops presented while still locked in their shell and sweet and succulent live langoustines; the seafood display is a visual feast in itself – have fun and enjoy! limani-my-catch-of-the-day My catch of the day. limani-fried-zucchinislimani-extra-virgin-olive-oil Popular must have appetizer- Kolokithi, paper-thin zucchini and eggplant slices served with fried cheese and tzatziki sauce. limani-greek-restaurant-lunch limani-grilled-langoustineslimani-salmon-tartar Organic salmon tartar with fresno chili, shallots, cilantro and fresh scallions. limani-dessert For dessert, try the traditional Ekmek- shredded phyllo, custard and pistachio whipped cream. limani-greek-restaurant-lunch-time LOOK: Elegant knit pink Chanel dress paired with suede burgundy boots and coat with fur trimmed sleeves. Photographed by Gary Flom.

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