Holiday Makeup 101: Red Lips

There is nothing more classy, bold and chic than a woman who can rock  a red lip. Fear no more, in this easy-to-follow tutorial, NYC’s makeup artist Yumi Kaizuka, shows how to swipe on a statement red for a bold yet sophisticated Holiday look. My makeup was all about the Red Lip and Christmas Entertainment.  I couldn’t agree more with what the author Roberta Gately once famously said: “ ‎ Lipstick is really magical. It holds more than a waxy bit of color – it holds the promise of a brilliant smile, a brilliant day, both literally and figuratively.” And to me, that’s what it was! THE LOOK: Red lips, simple brown smoky eyes.

Prep your face.

EYES: Keep the rest of the look clean and classy with just the right amount of soft smoky eyes and a subtle trace of cream blush.

Prep the eyes.

Curl up your lashes.

For soft smoky eyes, sweep on the mix of two colors: the warm, peachy beige shade on the top right and medium-dark cognac brown on the bottom left side of the eye shadow compact from  Chanel Brown Palette 39 Raffinement. Its soft texture and the shade combination of earthy warm neutrals and dark cognac brown is so versatile, that it is guaranteed to be your next go-to favorite day-time essential. Layer your lids with this gorgeous palette and its warm brown shades will make your eyes stand out!

Cream gel eye shadow.

Add a dab of subtle shine to the eyes with this luminous  Maybelline Eyestudio Color Tattoo 24hr in 45 Bold Gold cream gel eye shadow – it’s the holiday season after all! Just dab it in the center of your eye lids slightly and party on!

Apply few coats of mascara.

LASHES: Apply a clean, precise line of liquid black liner and a few generous coats of mascara to complete the soft smoky eye look.

Apply some blush.

BLUSH: Follow up with just a little cream blush to the apple of your cheeks from  Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in 30 Candy Coral and Chanel Joues Contraste in 55 In Love. Simple, elegant, sophisticated!

Using the lip liner for a perfect Cupid's bow pout.

LIPS: The key to the perfectly painted Cupid’s bow is a good quality lip liner/pencil. Yumi recommends M.A.C Lip Pencil for its soft application and matt finish. She used cherry color for my lips. “M.A.C cherry color is a magical color. It fits so many people and different races, I kind of rather not to tell people because I’m afraid it’s going to be sold out” said Yumi smiling. I promised that we’ll be hush.  And Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense (42 Satin Vermilion Red) lipstick for a picture-perfect pout! TIP: Show your lips some love by weekly exfoliating and daily coating lip balm to keep them soft and always hydrated. You will appreciate how the lipstick easily glides when the lips are smooth! After prepping with the balm, apply a tiny little bit of a concealer with the brush around the edge of the lips. Then, put translucent powder with the brush or powder puff on top, this step will help the lipstick to stay in place.

Fill in the lips w/the liner.

Create a perfect canvas for that pop of red by using a lip liner/pencil. If you have thin lips, like mine, Yumi suggests choosing the shade to match the lipstick color. First, mark the center of your Cupid’s bow and center of the bottom lip to decide on the shape you want to go with. Starting at the outer corners of your lips with the light, confident strokes connect the line with the center of your lips to define your contour. The liner not only adds the definition to your lips but also serves as a natural barrier in preventing the bright lipstick from “bleeding” out. Fill in the lips with the liner to create a perfect base coat for your red lipstick. Smudged the line and need a fix? Try  eraser pencil, a professional’s touch-up secret weapon that fixes small error applications, smudges and more.

Vibrant blue-based cherry red lipstick for the fair complexion.

To flatter your complexion, choose the right lipstick color for your skin tone.  For my fair complexion, Yumi used vibrant blue-based cherry red color that worked wonders for my skin. It makes the lips the center of attention and brightens up a smile. To make the lipstick last through the night, blot gently with a tissue after the first application, and then swipe the second coat on top for some coverage and shine. To give thin lips some fullness, dab a touch of lipstick or some shiny gloss right in the center of the upper and bottom lip. It will reflect the light, thus, creating visually plumier lips. TIP: Lipstick stained teeth—hasn’t it happened to all of us at one point? You greet your guests, smile and then oops, there is lipstick smudged on your teeth! Here is a little trick I learned from my fashionable Godmother on how to wear red lipstick without staining your teeth: make a triangle out of tissue paper, pucker up your lips and blot them with the tissue. This will allow those pearly whites to shine through in between all the guest greetings, sips of champagne, and the delicious bites of your holiday feast.

Perfect Red Lip pout.

“To create an illusion of fuller lips”, said Yumi sharing her professional expertise, “simply draw a tiny bit of overline, just slightly above your natural lip line”. And the opposite, to minimize the fuller lips, the line has to go right below your natural lip line. This would do the trick!

Red lip look.

With these few easy-to-follow steps, your red hot pout will last through the night of laughs, cocktails and more! Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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  1. I like the idea of this section in your blog. Very helpful! I’m going to use tips from Yumi next time I want to create my red lip look. Will let you know how it came out! Thanks again.

    1. Olga, you can definitely ROCK the red lip this season. I’m glad that you find my Lifestyle Series helpful. The idea was to introduce tips and how-toes to everything from style advice to makeup essentials. Everything you need to know for elegant home entertainment!

  2. Svitlana , you are great cook and fantastic host! This event was beautiful and sophisticated :)! Thank you for including me !

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