Get Chic this Upcoming Fall Season

Get Chic this Upcoming Season with the designer Cristina Ottaviano’s New Collection  I met the young designer Cristina Ottaviano in her showroom in Downtown Manhattan. Her loft studio had a palpably dynamic working vibe. Sketches everywhere, dress mock ups on mannequin stands, people moving about in a hubbub of creativity and everything is bathed in this great light coming in through the huge windows. I met the entire impressive team and Cristina herself showed me how the magic happens. The petite designer, who can be easily mistaken for a model herself, has an ambitious vision which she interprets as a passionate modern femininity which when coupled with her d isciplined work direction and old school craftsmanship, attention to details and maturity, is bound to become an unbridled success in the fashion industry. The inspiration for this collection was a painting of Ophelia by Sir John Everett Millais. The delicate, elaborate hand embroidery of superb quality, lace, as well as fine draping and romantic silhouettes are used extensively in Cristina’s creations. Her debut collection has it all- silk, wool, chiffon, tulle, leather and even fur. It is timeless, graceful, decadent sophistication in high style which is equally suitable for a night at the opera, that chic new restaurant downtown or an elegant dinner party at home. For this shoot, my dear friend Rita opened her gorgeous house and agreed to be a model for some of the looks. Here is a glimpse of the Fall/Winter 2014 season represented by four key looks. Get-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season.jpg Glamorous and feminine   This stunning body-hugging gown in soft shade of gray has a build in corset and an intricately embroidered neckline that resembles a delicate spider web. (How deliciously fitting :)) Get-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-embroidered-neckline.jpg The neckline is the attention-grabbing element so skip the excessive jewelry and let the dress speak for itself. Get-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-pair-shoes.jpgGet-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-build-in-corset.jpg  The impeccable form fitting tailoring of the dress ensconces the waist accentuating the feminine shape. The gorgeous gown will get you noticed, opt for this number when you really want to make an impression while entertaining for that special occasion at home. Get-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-cristina-ottaviano-dress.jpg Demure sophistication My dress was a long-sleeve A-line which is dressy enough to host a Christmas or even a New Year’s Eve soirée. Get-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-lacy-oxford-collar.jpgGet-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-dolce-gabbana-pendant-earrings.jpg  The eye-catching, lacy Oxford collar with a skilfully embroidered black beading is the epitome of elegance and sophistication with a subtle touch of decadence. Don’t be confused by the demure design of the dress, its sensual tailoring and see-through upper part leave just enough for imagination. The tulle overlays zigzag lace pattern with hand-appliqued beading work on each line which makes this dress an instant classic. Get-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-long-sleeve-a-line-dress.jpg Wear your hair pulled back in a sleek pony tail or bun to really showcase the neck and details of the collar. Make a statement with a scene-stealing oversized, bold-colored pendant earrings. I wore emerald green clips from Dolce & Gabbana’s collection.  Get-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-max-kibardin-heels.jpgGet-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-lace-pattern.jpg Simple two-toned suede heels from shoe designer Max Kibardin were a perfect match.   Get-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-entertain-in-style.jpgGet-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-designer-heels.jpg Just some killer heels displayed for the shoot….. Get-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-cristina-ottaviano-dresses.jpgGet-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-jewelry.jpg Alluring duet Create an  alluring duet with this black chiffon and lace  bow-tie blouse and a trim  pencil skirt. There is just something so classic about this look. The  skirt has a rich floral, white  beading work on tulle which makes it very dressy. Get-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-entertaining.jpgGet-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-bow-tie-blouse.jpgGet-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-jcrew-earrings.jpg  I loved Rita’s choice of earrings for this look. These fierce set by JCrew with the color combination of deep blue and turquoise  brought the whole look together. Get-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-quality-time-friends.jpgGet-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-cristina-ottaviano-blouse-skirt.jpgGet-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-beading-work-tulle.jpg Timeless elegance If I’d be asked to describe  my style, this dress would be the  embodiment of its essence! I love everything about it – the flat, solid  fabric, the  sculptured shoulders and  figure-skimming silhouette, this dress is so flattering and classy that it tops my wish list for cold months entertaining at home! Get-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-lucite-earrings-alexis-bittar.jpg The  build-in corset, something the designer  Cristina Ottaviano perfected in this collection, is sexy and offers comfortable support without overly constricting the movement. Get-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-figure-skimming-silhouette.jpgGet-chic-this-upcoming-fall-seaso-nude-christian-louboutin-heels.jpg  The crisscross draping with a small triangle cutout at the bust and artfully shaped voluptuous sleeves is something the designer so good at. Get-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-open-back-cutout.jpg The draping further rounds off on the back to reveal the open back cutout. Get-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-cristina-ottaviano.jpg Don’t over accessorized, choose one bold piece like this Lucite earrings by NYC based jewelry designer Alexis Bittar. They added an interesting addition to the otherwise monochromatic look. Get-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-art-of-entertaining.jpg The pointy nude Christian Louboutin heels provide the needed length for the mid-calf  dress length. Get-chic-this-upcoming-fall-season-cat-enjoying-sunshine.jpg My friend’s adorable cat Baron was enjoying the glorious, sunny weather bathing in a sunshine through the prism of the window. The only thing missing for this guy was the bow-tie to completely fit into an entertaining in style credentials. Sizzle up your style this upcoming season with the new, talented designer Cristina Ottaviano. Which look is your favorite?  Photographed by AnyaFoto.       

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8 thoughts on “Get Chic this Upcoming Fall Season”

  1. You can definitely feel Cristina’s “passion for fashion”. Every look is designed to perfection. I love how she gives a lot of attention to the details only woman can think of. Especially the build-in corset idea. How genius it is?! I cannot decide on which dress is my favorite, but I want to say one thing – every look is unique, stunning and feminine that would make you feel regally at any celebration!
    P.S.: Once I saw Cristina Ottaviano’s inspiration board, I knew right away it’s going to be something spectacular. But she exceeded all of my expectations! Looking forward to see more exciting collections. Good luck!

    1. Hi Olga, i absolutely agree with you, Cristina is a young, talented designer but with the old school craftsmanship. Her attention to details and impeccable tailoring won me over. Each of these looks has either a hand-embroidered pattern or sculptured draping that really makes you feel feminine yet strong. I’m very much looking forward to seeing Cristina’s next collection! Thank you for your comment!

  2. Now to Art de Fete!
    Svitlana, your presentation of Cristina’s collection was amazing. You showed your personality throughout the post. Every look fitted the scene perfectly! Great job. I hope to see you collaborating with Cristina again in the future!

    1. Olga, thank you so much! It was such a pleasure working on this project and i’m so happy you liked this post! We all sure will see more of Cristina’s amazing work soon!

  3. Unique combination: Beautiful clothes, elegant entertainment and great food! Well done! Congratulations! Looking forward on how this is going to evolve.


  4. Wow Wow Wow What are the gorgeous outfits on the gorgeous girls!!!
    I absolutely in love with all the fashion pieces by Cristina Ottaviano shown on theses pictures. She is a new designer for me, but I can tell that she is so talented and very passioned to details.
    I also love the combination of shoes and jewelry chosen in your outfits. It’s hard to tell which one is my favorite. All of hem are chic and unique. Great job!!!
    It is an excited post with great presentation of the designer. I’m looking forward to see new collections by Cristina Ottaviano in your blog.

    1. Well, it’s a great pleasure to receive such a nice compliment from the person who’s been in the fashion industry for years! Yes, the designer, despite the fact that this is her first collection, has years of experience working for Oscar de la Renta and Marchesa and the quality and craftsmanship is seen in every piece! I’m glad you liked this post! Happy to share a new talent with the world.

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