Gallery Dinner with Bernardaud

Svitlana_Flom_Gallery_Dinner__0150 Gallery Dinner with Bernardaud When Bernardaud, the luxury porcelain brand, asks you to design table centerpiece for their Gallery Dinner in Manhattan, you don’t say No! Svitlana_Flom_Gallery_DinnerSvitlana_Flom_Gallery_Dinner I jumped into the project with relish and great enthusiasm! The idea was to celebrate the company’s 150th anniversary and showcasing their special commemorative collection created for the occasion. This famously chic and cool dinnerware collection was the result of Bernardaud’s collaboration with hip artists who used white porcelain plates as canvas where they depicted everything from a nude “fame fatale” taking a bath to Jeff Koons’s bears. Svitlana_Flom_Gallery_DinnerSvitlana_Flom_Gallery_Dinner Fittingly, to organize the launch of the collection Bernardaud turned to Kipton Cronkite, an erudite young former hedge funder turned avant-garde art consultant. Kipton chose the Onishi gallery as the venue for the dinner and show space for the works of several new artists that he was working with.  Kipton also moves in the upper stratosphere of the New York social circles thus the guest list was as interesting as the art works themselves and included the stars of my personal guilty pleasure reality TV show, The Housewives of New York, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps and Aviva Drescher. The eye-brow guru Joey Healey who is the star on the newest Bravo show about singles dating in the City called The Singles Project was also there. The result was an intimate dinner event with interesting people, intriguing artists in a gorgeous setting with lots of great conversations and laughs. Svitlana_Flom_Gallery_Dinner The floral centerpieces had to be equally cool, interesting and artistic. I also thought that it would have to be dramatically striking. Thus, I came up with the idea of having fifty floral spheres of various sizes adorn the 30 foot long dinner table in an impactful line up. For two days, my friend Olga Gerasimenko of Blooming Bears and I worked in tandem to create the spheres of carnations that you see on the photos. And while I would never presume to compare my floral arrangement to the various works of art on display that night, I can nevertheless confidently tell you that they were a hit! Svitlana_Flom_Gallery_Dinner The evening was a resounding success. All guests enjoyed each other’s company and delectable food. The conversations were stimulating and the laughs genuine and infectious. Artists made captivating presentations of their works which resulted in some sales! Everyone had a great time, this was an excellent example of an event well done. I feel grateful and honored that I was a part of it. Svitlana_Flom_Gallery_DinnerSvitlana_Flom_Gallery_Dinner Banality Series by Jeff Koons. Svitlana_Flom_Gallery_DinnerSvitlana_Flom_Gallery_DinnerSvitlana_Flom_Gallery_Dinner This bear created by Blooming Bears was nicknamed at the party “ Jeff” after the artist Jeff Koons’s depiction of a fun bear on the Bernardaud’s plates. Svitlana_Flom_Gallery_DinnerSvitlana_Flom_Gallery_Dinner Asparagus with Morels was one of the courses served on artist Marco Brambilla’s “Last Supper” dinner plate. A pop culture version of the painting depicted on the borders of the plate has various icons of cinema and art world portrayed in place of Jesus. Display prompted Countess LuAnn to start a fun conversation  along the entire table on who had what character displayed. Mine was Vendetta. Svitlana_Flom_Gallery_DinnerSvitlana_Flom_Gallery_DinnerSvitlana_Flom_Gallery_Dinner Art consultant Kipton Cronkite with the ladies from the Housewives of New York Countess LuAnn  de Lesseps and Aviva Drescher. Svitlana_Flom_Gallery_DinnerSvitlana_Flom_Gallery_DinnerSvitlana_Flom_Gallery_Dinner Bernardaud team and team Art de Fete. Svitlana_Flom_Gallery_Dinner Great conversation with Joey Healey. Svitlana_Flom_Gallery_Dinner Countess LuAnn is an amazing conversationalist and the light of the party. Svitlana_Flom_Gallery_Dinner Photographed by Tatiana Valerie of Artvesta Studio.    

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