Entertaining in Style

Entertaining in Style: Spring Fashion  Have you seen this year’s Oscar’s fashions? Camila Alves, the Brazilian beauty and wife of Best Actor Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey wowed us all with her stunning dress. She wore a long-sleeve, form-fitting blush gown with a glamorous cape by the talented Latin American designer Gabriela Cadena who is conquering the world of haute couture with her edgy stylish designs incorporating fresh silhouettes and infused with her signature vivid colors, unique accents, elaborate embroidery and complex symmetry. In addition to the Oscars, her designs graced the red carpets around the globe from L.A. to Cannes and Rio. I was fortunate enough to collaborate with Gabriela for one of my blog posts where we created four distinct “looks” for a hostess to have at her fabulous dinner parties. From glam and chic to edgy and demure, Gabriela’s dresses will help you wow the guests at any of your elegant home entertainment occasions this spring! Entertaining-in-style-2.jpgEntertaining-in-style-2-multicolored-dress.jpg Charm your in-laws Go all out and dazzle your guests by being an epitome of elegance and sophistication with this multicolored dress when hosting an evening for your dearest parents-in-law this spring season.  Entertaining-in-style-2-edgy-sleek-side-panels-dress.jpg What I like about this design are the edgy abstract black & white, sleek side panels which help to accentuate and elongate the waist in the most flattering manner. Entertaining-in-style-2-ideal-length-dress.jpg The length of this dress is just right to showcase those calves you worked on so hard all winter. Color coordinate this outfit with a knockout pair of solid-colored heels in one of the shades contained in the dress to really lengthen your figure. Entertaining-in-style-2-pair-solid-colored-heels.jpgEntertaining-in-style-2-giuseppe-zanottis-suede-heels.jpg I paired mine with open-toe baby blue suede heels from the Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti’s Resort Collection. Entertaining-in-style-2-gabriela-cadena-dress.jpg Effortless and flowy  Form-fitting black bodice and pleated-bottomed skirt are combined to give this dress a structured yet flowy, effortless look that exudes sensible sexiness, style and confidence and would be an absolute hit at any summer dinner party. Entertaining-in-style-2-dress-for-summer-entertaining.jpgEntertaining-in-style-2-necklace-by-ek-thongprasert.jpgEntertaining-in-style-2-statement-earrings.jpg  I paired the dress with this contemporary piece as a statement necklace by the jewelry designer Ek Thongprasert. The conceptual design of this lightweight, silicone necklace with the light-green crystals of cubic zirconia has a refined vibe and futuristic, stylish look. Entertaining-in-style-2-form-fitting-bodice.jpg Chic of the shoulder This one shoulder stunner in bold  fuchsia hues is artfully embellished with some intricate  black embroidery and  bead work. Entertaining-in-style-2-chic-one-shoulder-dress.jpgEntertaining-in-style-2-gabriela-cadena-off-the-shoulder-dress.jpg  Everything about this look-  timeless design,  long silhouette,  flattering sheath, commands attention. Entertaining-in-style-2-elegant-dress.jpgEntertaining-in-style-2-art-of-celebration.jpgEntertaining-in-style-2-orchids.jpg Throw a fancy cocktail party or a chic soiree, surprise your hubby; make it a special evening. Entertaining-in-style-2-statement-earrings.jpg But more is less when it comes to jewelry with this dress – a cocktail ring or statement earrings will complete the look! entertaining-in-style-2-bright-spots-in-holiday-decor.jpgEntertaining-in-style-2-gorgeous-gabriela-cadena-dress.jpg Dress with an edge Hosting a stylish soiree for friends this spring season? Try this edgy erudite dress with bold hues, cutout back & exposed zippers, freedom of movement and lots of sex appeal– you will get a ton of effusive compliments from your friends all night! Entertain-in-style-2-cutout-back-exposed-zippers.jpgEntertaining-in-style-2-oversized-accessories-ek-thongprasert.jpg Dial up the edge with some oversized accessories, like this pale beige rubber necklace with crystals from the jewelry designer  Ek Thongprasert. entertaining-in-style-2-nude-heels.jpg For an effective finish balance this fashion forward outfit with simple nude or light colored heels. Entertaining-in-style-2-fashion-forward-outfit-by-gabriela-cadena.jpgEntertaining-in-style-2-entertain.jpgEntertaining-in-style-2-antique-demitasse-cups-sausers.jpgEntertaining-in-style-2-stunning-gabriela-cadena-dress.jpgEntertaining-in-style-2-elegance-and-entertaining.jpgEntertaining-in-style-2-sponge-cake-with-whipped-cream-berries.jpgEntertaining-in-style-2-french-macaroons.jpg   What was your favorite look?  Photographed by AnyFoto with some images contributed by Gary Flom.

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  1. Svitlana, you look absolutely amazing in all dresses!! I like lip color on a last pic, very warm and cute!!!

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