Elegant Mother’s Day Tablescape

Elegant-mothers-day-tablescape.jpg One of the most universally loved annual holidays is the Mother’s Day. It is the day of total celebration of motherhood, womanhood, love, beauty and warmth. So it is not surprising that I chose to collaborate with Bernardaud, a fine French porcelain brand, to create special Mother’s Day tablescape for a celebratory lunch or dinner. I was first introduced to Bernardaud when I planned our wedding registry (that’s when you can try to get some really good stuff!:)) Bernardaud is a family owned business that has continuously operated since the 18th century – quite a fit considering the tumultuous events and changing tastes during the last 3 centuries. It is a testament to its consistent superb quality, timeless design and the discipline of the Bernardaud family that the brand had not only survived but continues to be the benchmark for the world when it comes to the fine porcelain china. Today the brand is undergoing a renaissance of passionate creativity and innovation – check it out! Elegant-mothers-day-tablescape-table-decor.jpg Set the foundation Think peach, pink or yellow, light purple or light green colored tablecloth for the Mother’s Day table decor. Find that perfect canvas to go along with springtime and warmth of this holiday. I picked the softest fabric in linen and made my own tablecloth to accentuate the dashes of purple on the Bernardaud’s plates and my amethyst-colored water glasses at the table. Elegant-mothers-day-tablescape-bernardaud-frivole-collection.jpg Daring originality Unusual fusion of modernity and tradition comes together in this place setting. I mixed two different collections to create this brilliant setting. As the foundation I used Bernardaud’s Frivole collection with its sprawling light green leaf design and imaginative amethyst pattern which is daringly original and faintly feminine. Elegant-mothers-day-tablescape-barnardaud-constance-collection.jpg The dinner plate from the Constance collection designed in a modern interpretation of the Empire style with its decorations of traditional acorns, oak and laurel leaves provided the creative contrast for this setting. The result was an elegant, delicately sophisticated, spring inspired table décor; one that your Mom would be impressed by and absolutely love! Elegant-mothers-day-tablescape-use-unusual-vessels-create-centerpieces.jpg Improvise Vary the heights of your tablescape by using various size vessels and stands. For instance, elevate spring flowers by placing them in an unusual vessel to create a magnificent centerpiece. I improvised and used a soup tureen for clasping a generous bunch of lilacs, peonies, tulips and roses and filled the adjacent space with two small mismatched crystal-cut antique bowls with flower frog grate to hold some of the leftover blooms.  Elegant-mothers-day-tablescape-constance-frivole-collections-bernardaud.jpgElegant-mothers-day-tablescape-improvise-create-floral-centerpiece.jpg  With imagination really any vessel, whether purchased in the finest shop or found on a flea market hunt, can work for creating an  endearing floral centerpiece this Mother’s Day. Elegant-mothers-day-tablescape-spring-blooms-anemones-peonies-lilac.jpg Spring blooms Anemone is a very delicate flower with oval shaped petals and an unusual dark round center. It comes in a variety of colors including white but my favorite remains jewel-toned shades of purple, fuchsia and even blue. When selecting Anemone, look for a bunch with the buds still close. It will open up once placed in the sunlit spot. Cut the stems on a 45 degree angle with a sharp knife under cold running water and if possible, use the flower on the day of purchase to take advantage of its freshness. Unfortunately, this beauty doesn’t have a long vase life but will definitely make your centerpiece pop. Add some lush  peonies to your arrangement; once the flower buds are open, their silky petals will create the fullness and add an element of femininity, ease and beauty to the arrangement. I used graceful coral-colored blooms (called Coral Charm) with sunny golden center and Tree Peony, sweetly scented in light pink. Another spring bloomer is lilac. These unpretentious flowers have a wonderful spring smell and will add a different texture and shape to the vessel or the vase in the most endearing way. Finish off with Big Fun Roses! Elegant-mothers-day-tablescape-bernardaud-frivole-hot-beverage-server.jpgElegant-mothers-day-tablescape-antique-demitasse-cups-saucers.jpg  One of a kind An elegant way to serve your brunch coffee is to use demitasse cups and saucers. I acquired my delicate English set at a very charming antique shop on the lively Royal Street in New Orleans, a place famous for its selection of such stores. The light purple saucers and cups with delicate golden rims embossed with white bas-relief ornament at the rim enhanced the entire setting. By mixing different collections, old and new, modern and traditional, you will create an unforgettable, one of a kind place setting. Elegant-mothers-day-tablescape-delicate-bernardaud-hot-beverage-server.jpg This delicate arabesque shaped Hot Beverage Server was designed to serve any hot beverage- tea, coffee or even hot chocolate! Elegant-mothers-day-tablescape-dessert-time.jpgElegant-mothers-day-tablescape-sponge-cake-whipped-cream-fruit-berries.jpg Dessert time And to guests delight, serve this light Sponge Cake with Vanilla Syrup, Whipped Cream, Fruit & Berries! It requires minimum effort but is super delicious and makes a really impressive presentation! Elegant-mothers-day-tablescape-entertain-style.jpgElegant-mothers-day-tablescape.jpg Delight and surprise your Mom on this Mother’s Day by designing your own fabulous tablescape for that special lunch or dinner. Elegance is always in style and Bernardaud is a perfect brand to help you transform your vision into reality with just the right degree of sophistication, grace and panache. Bernardaud pieces are something that you keep, enjoy and share with your loved ones forever.    Happy Mother Day, Everyone! To create this tablescape you will need: 1. 6 Bernardaud Frivole Service Plates. 2. 6 Bernardaud Constance Dinner Plates. 3. 6 Bernardaud Frivole Dessert/Salad Plates. 4. 6 Bernardaud Frivole Bread & Butter Plates. 5. Bernardaud Frivole Hot Beverage Server. 6. 6  Juliska  Blush Herringbone Napkins in linen. 7. 6 Juliska  Petal Pink Tuileries Garden Placemats. 8. Water glasses  William Yeoward Amethyst Tumbler 9 oz. can be purchased at  Gracious Home website or in stores. 9. Hand-cut crystal glass, refined with gold “Juwel” Wine Glasses from  Theresienthal at  Michael C. Fina store  or online at company’s  website. 10. Dress is the courtesy of the designer Gabriela Cadena. Photographed by  Gary Flom.

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    1. Hi Chelsea, thank you for your comment. As I mentioned in my blog post, i have been collection Bernardaud’s timeless dinnerware for years now. Elegance never goes out of style, and this brand is certainly the proof. Planning on passing my collection to kids and grand kids in the future:)))

  1. You always have the most beautiful plates arrangements!What’s the secret??? Flowers are gorgeous!!!!

    1. Thank you, Vera! Well, as know setting up a table and entertaining at home is my passion, i love it all! No secret at all, just have fun with it! I got the flowers at NYC’s flower district.

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