DIY Holiday Floral Design

Traditional Red & Gold Holiday Decor. Who doesn’t love flowers in their home, especially during the holiday season? For an extravagant-looking holiday table centerpieces for my latest posts Traditional Red & Gold Holiday Décor and Gorgeous Purple & Silver Holiday Décor, I had invited my friend, NYC-based floral designer Olga Gerasimenko of Blooming Bears, to help me create a gorgeous looking table. Olga made four simple yet elegant floral spheres of different sizes, colors and heights. To stay consistent with the red & gold color scheme, we used red and white carnations only. Don’t underestimate this budget-friendly staple of delis and grocery store flowers. Due to their soft, lush nature and when used in bulk, these flowers can form a lavish masterpiece! In this DIY tutorial, Olga shows some easy steps on how you can make these beautiful arrangements by only using spherical-shaped floral foam, scissors and water. Choose the container large enough to fit the actual size and shape of your floral foam. Kitchen sink is a good alternative. Let the foam sink into the water fortified with flower food (it will extend the life of your arrangements). Regardless of its size it won’t take too long, I promise! Have some patience, have a glass of wine but don’t try to push the foam into the water. It is an open-celled material and if you try to push it in, you will create air bubbles inside the foam which in turn will cause your flowers to dry out quicker. The foam sphere is ready when its surface hardens and it becomes very heavy. That’s when those biceps of your rigorous gym routine will come in handy. Lift the sphere carefully and transfer it your work space. Be aware that while the foam will keep most of the water in, some small amount will drip out anyway. We placed the soaked foam sphere on a simple white dinner plate to prevent the water from spilling out. Cut the stems of flowers on a 45 degree angle. “Cut the ends of the flower stems on a 45 degree angle”, says Olga “that will allow the flowers to intake more water”.  The clean sharp angle of the cut stem helps the flower live longer and also makes it easier to insert it into the foam. Two inches of the stem is all you need! Insert the flower stems into the sphere. DIY floral centerpiece. DIY floral centerpiece, cutting the carnations' stems. Spiraling tight rows of carnations. Insert the flowers into the sphere in very tight rows spiraling from the top to the bottom of the foam’s base. Leave no gaps in between the insertions and pat the blooms.  Make sure that there are no gaps in between the insertion and pat those pretty blossoms open for some truly luscious floral arrangement. Cake stand as a pedestal to display this floral arrangement. This clear glass cake stand served as a perfect  pedestal to display the main floral centerpiece. To create a truly luxurious effect,  Olga used floral  crystal pins for the smallest red sphere. It is an inexpensive way to bring some sparkle to any of your floral arrangements. DIY floral centerpiece.Festive ribbons to gift wrap the sphere. Feel extra special? Use some of the left over tree decorating ribbons to  “gift wrap” the ball. Cut the ribbons for desired length. Finish with the bow-tie for this spherical floral centerpiece. Finish with a large  bow tie on top and curl the ends in a playful festive way! Fix the bow-tie if needed. Bow-tie for the floral centerpiece. These ribbons are malleable and very easy to bend and curl. Finishing touches for this spherical floral centerpiece. Some finishing touches…. White carnations floral sphere. White carnations floral sphere. To balance off the tablescape, Olga made this middle-sized sphere of pure white carnations which we bow-tied with a ravishing  red ribbon. Traditional Red & Gold Holiday Decor. “To prolong the life of your floral centerpiece”, advises floral designer Olga “keep it hydrated by pouring water over it every other day or two! “ Check out Olga’s Facebook page to see more of her fabulous creations! Happy Holidays, Everyone!  Photographed by Gary Flom. 

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