Decor: Tablescape with Floral Arrangements

decor-tablescape-with-floral-arrangments-1 Designing and creating a tablescape is always one of my favorite parts of planning a dinner party. Feel the vibe for your next gathering with friends and reflect it in your table setting with these few tips and ideas.

Table decor with seasonal flowers.

For frequent entertainers like us, there are never enough dishes, plates, glasses or china. My arsenal of various plates, trays, serving platters, chargers, bowls and other essential tableware is continuously expanding. To save on cost but to stay in tune with the season I like to mix and match various styles, collections, textures and colors together. To add variety without breaking the bank I buy few key pieces to accent the table décor in a subtle but yet pronounced way.

Salad plate with hand-painted orchid from Hermes is chic and houte couture.

The Jardin des Orchidées china collection from Hermes provides a playful yet refined floral dimension to your table décor and adds an element of haute couture. Each plate features an intricate hand-painted orchid bloom and is perfect as a dessert plate or a decadent salad plate.

Vessels of various shapes displaying single stem flowers for a perfect tablescape.

Vessels of various shapes are perfect for any flower arrangements. Use a single stem of any flowers that happen to be in season and just tuck each one of them in an individual vessel to create different height and color grouping at the table.


Give each flower a pat to increase its diameter and cut the stems at a 45 degree angle so that it will absorb more water and stay fresh longer.


Keep a few simple glass vessels on hand for an easy to assemble flower arrangement. Pick any blooming flower and you’ll have a beautiful tablescape in no time. I absolutely adore these small 5-piece vase collection from Pottery Barn, they came in a rustic wooden box which I always use to display seasonal fruits or vegetables.


What is your favorite way to set up the table without breaking the bank? 

Please share your tips and ideas on how to decorate in style!


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    1. Oh, i love those, they are my “great deal” from Pottery Barn. Using single stem flowers is another easy way to bring some color to your table. Go with the season to make your table pop!

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