Décor: Summer Fête

For my Summer Fête table décor I went for an elegant table setting: I used white modern oval plates and clear glass chargers from a contemporary inexpensive Finnish brand, litalla. My favorite burlap table runner from the Pottery Barn served as a perfect canvas for the luscious bright green orchid flower arrangements. To stay consistent with the overall color palette I used light yellow cotton napkins to decorate each place setting. It looked casual enough and yet the orchids made the table pop and look exotic. anyafoto_artdefete_05-01-13_10 To secure the flowers in the vessels I simply cross-patched them with the scotch tape and tucked the flowers in along with some green leaves I purchased at the flower shop. The $25 I spent on one orchid stem went a long way in creating the luscious vibrant table centerpieces. I cut off the individual buds from the stem and incorporated them separately into each arrangement for added depth and elegance. The flowers will last for more than a week with just a water change every other day. The orchids vary in color from deep purple to fuchsia, light yellow to bright green; choose the one that will match your mood, or your dinnerware for an elegant table décor.  I picked this flower specifically to compliment the food I was going to serve on the table. anyafoto_artdefete_05-01-13_06 I like using these ceramic ramekins, as seen above, not only for petit soufflés but also as a vessel to hold my flower arrangements.  The ramekins are the most versatile item in your kitchen, these in particular, are designed by Juliska — a design-led company based outside of Prague but can be found in every major store in the US. anyafoto_artdefete_05-01-13_05 The dewdrop looking bubbles, circling littala’s Kastehelmi chargers, reflect the light at the table beautifully. Made of high-quality glass in a delicious assortment of vivid colors, these chargers are made for mixing and matching in fun combinations. I like to use mine as a cake platter or the tray for small hors d’oeuvres. anyafoto_artdefete_05-01-13_09 This burlap runner from Pottery Barn is one of my favorite. It added some texture and casual appeal to this otherwise simplistic but yet elegant tablescape. anyafoto_artdefete_05-01-13_07 The friends whom we invited to our Summer Fête dinner also have a great taste in music and have consistently contributed to our collection by bringing various CDs from Europe. We played our favorite Café Del Mare album for a cozy, relaxed atmosphere.  

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    1. Hi Vera, with just one orchid stem you can create a similar table centerpiece next time you have guests over. Perhaps for your upcoming birthday? :))) Thanks for your comment!

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