Decor: Ladies Day in Luncheon

Decor-ladies-day-luncheon.jpg Decor: Ladies Day in Luncheon Back in December I hosted Ladies Lunch for my girlfriends but never had a chance to upload the decor part of it. My friends graciously agreed to be the models for a makeup session with a NYC based makeup artist Yumi Kaizuka. Each one of us had a “look”; either a perfect “red-hot-pout” or casual “Sunday brunch”, the idea was to show how you can follow professional makeup artist’s advice and apply your   “look” when you entertain at home.  Check out Yumi’s tips and step-by-step makeup application here: Festive Daytime Look, Red Lips, Office Look into Nighttime Glamour Elegant, feminine tablescape and light yet delicious menu (bonus dessert) were glam and delectable.  Scroll down to see the rest!  Decor-ladies-day-luncheon-william-yeoward-water-glasses.jpg Pop of color Jewel-toned, hand-made water goblets from William Yeoward have a substantial feel when in one’s hand and their rich deep amethyst color provided a vibrant accent for my table decor.  Napkins I casually tucked light pink linen napkins from Sferra into wine glasses. Sferra  have an incredible selection of bold, vivid colors to match your tablescape, dinnerware or theme and its high quality linen with hand-stitched borders will always remain timeless. Decor-ladies-day-luncheon-porcelain-versace-plate.jpg Hot plate This haute couture plate is the result of collaboration of fashion house Versace with porcelain dinnerware brand Rosenthal. This collection is drop-dead gorgeous sans the price tag! Decor-ladies-day-luncheon-versace-plate-intricate-design.jpg The design is undeniably Versace; intricate, feminine and beautiful. To save on costs, I purchased only salad plates for my lunch with the girls but check out the entire collection, especially the serving plates. All I can say is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! Decor-ladies-day-luncheon-chrysanthemums-rosemary.jpg Beyond easy Lush pink flowers of chrysanthemum when mixed with more rustic greens like hypericum berries and branches of rosemary create an interesting juxtaposition of  textures. Pick a vase wide enough to let your arrangement splay outward so that it can be viewed from all angles. I used a Footed Mercury Hurricane glass vase from West Elm (on SALE now!) to display my arrangement. Decor-ladies-day-luncheon-pitcher-water.jpg Hydrate your guests –  Aqua vitae  Always have a simple pitcher of water on the table.  I have them in multiple colors to complement different table settings, but really any clear-glass pitcher would be a simple modern and functional addition to your table. This clear-glass pitcher is from Scandinavian brand iittala and has clean lines which are visually appealing and a comfortably light weight. Add some ice and lemon slices to enhance your “aqua”. Decor-ladies-day-luncheon-byzantine-dreams-collection-versace.jpg “From the House of Versace comes the exquisite Byzantine Dreams collection; uniquely expressive and full of character. Impressive in fresh colors and broken up by skillfully placed gold accents and large arabesques, this luxe series is inspired by tradition and reinterpreted in Versace style. “– quote from Bloomingdale’s website. I couldn’t have said it better! Perfection. Decor-ladies-day-luncheon-versace-byzantine-dreams-collection-plate.jpg  This is Byzantine Dream collection salad plate by Versace for Rosenthal. I played with two different collections but amazingly it really worked together well against my white dinner plates with silver-golden rim and burgundy chargers. Decor-ladies-day-luncheon-theresienthal-wine-glasses.jpg Special occasion Delicate golden-rimmed, thin crystal wine glasses from an excellent German brand Theresienthal provided a touch of formality to the juxtaposition of the tablescape. My gorgeous wine glasses were a wedding present from our good friends which was fortunate, they come with a hefty price tag! If you are in a process of completing your registry, think hard about the wine glasses you want ( wink). These are special occasion glasses, otherwise Reidel glasses are my next go-to-weeknight vessels for vino. Decor-ladies-day-luncheon-pistachio-coconut-lime-cake-crystallized-rose-petals.jpg Pretty sweet things This Pistachio, Coconut & Lime Cake with Crystallized Rose Petals is a delicious ending to any occasion. Serve it along with teas or coffee. To see the recipe, click here. To make it easy for you, I put together the list of items featured in this post for the next time you shop for your occasion: 1. Rosenthal Meets Versace Byzantine Dreams Salad Plate and Rosenthal Meets Versace Butterfly Garden Salad Plate, at Bloomingdale’s or Michael C. Fina’s websites. 2. Water glasses William Yeoward Amethyst Tumbler 9 oz. can be purchased at Gracious Home website or in stores. 3. Hand-cut crystal glass, refined with gold “Juwel” Wine Glasses from Theresienthal at  Michael C. Fina store  or online at company’s  website. 4. Burgundy chargers with golden rim from Pickard at  Michael C. Fina.  5. Beckett Linen Tablecloth at Crate & Barrel. 6. Sferra’s solid color Festival Table Linens from Gracious Home. 7. Water Pitcher Kartio from iittala at Bloomingdale’s and Gracious Home website or in stores. What is your must-have accent piece when decorating a table?   Photographed by AnyaFoto. 


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6 thoughts on “Decor: Ladies Day in Luncheon”

  1. Hi Svitlana! I simply love this dusty pink & dark red decor!!! Looks very feminine and elegant. My favorite plate combination is Versace Byzantine…will definitely get it for my dining table. It’s very helpful when you mention all the brands and places to get decor pieces, dishes, silverware, and etc.

  2. Hi there, i absolutely love the Byzantine collection, I only bought salad plates but the chargers are just spectacular-the entire surface is painted in pinks and golds! I need to get those:))) You can always use it as a serving platter as well. “Places I shop” is my new addition on the blog, i’m glad you find it helpful! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. By the way, I also wanted to mention that i like a layout of the website. It’s very convenient and easy to navigate through! The background is very pretty (plates)…:)

      1. Thank you, Vera! This is so important for me to know. The blog just received a major face lift and one of the key priorities was ease of navigating it! The plates on the background are from a fabulous dinnerware designer based in Prague called Anne Weatherley. Everything is hand-painted! I’m obsessed with her Garden collection! Glad you like it!!!!

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