Décor: An Italian Fair

Décor: An Italian Fair I always like to have a centerpiece that doesn’t obstruct a guest’s view across the table and will enhance the dinner’s overall ambiance. Going through my stack of old magazines I stumbled upon a spread in In Style on different vessels and floral ideas for table décor. The florist who was making the recommendations turned out to be someone I know well, Mathew Robbins, a very creative, talented floral designer who did our wedding. So thank you, Mathew, for an elegant, inexpensive ideas on how to style with herbs.

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Glossy Babe has a great selection of beautiful small vessels in a variety of color combinations. I used three shades of purple for my glass centerpiece vessels to hold the herbs. I followed Mathew’s advice and used rosemary, thyme, mint and oregano. What a great idea to showcase the ingredients used in this menu’s Prime Rib Roast. The herbs also added a pleasant aroma to our table.

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The hand-woven burlap runner from Pottery Barn brought some warmth, texture and clean casual elegance to the table décor which went well with the hemstitched linen table runner in solid gray overlapping the burlap. The runner provides an elegant neutral backdrop for the silver rimmed white dinnerware.

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For the napkin holders I used twine to add a rustic element with attached round hand written name tags that also served as the place cards. Hemstitched linen napkins in light purple matched well with the overall gray-purple tones of the table that also permeate glass vessels with herbs. The runner brought it all together with its chic casualness and a neutral tone.

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Without being too stereotypical, all Russians love French songs; there is something about French culture that draws us to it. Even though this was an Italian themed dinner, these songs were our choice of music for the night. We just knew that they would make our guests feel cozy and bring out warm camaraderie at the table. We mostly kept it light and fun, and sentimental at times with those nostalgic, recognizable classics by Patricia Kaas, Dalida, and even some of Edith Piaf repertoire. We also played our favorite Italian — Giada Valenti –– a beautiful songwriter and singer; check out her And I Love You So song… truly a unique talent and a genuine heart.

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12 thoughts on “Décor: An Italian Fair”

  1. Светик, это мега-красиво! ты большая умничка!! Лавандовый цвет….ммммм, это нечто. Очень утончено и изысканно.

    1. Irochka, thank you so much for your comment! I love everything purple, lavender or any other shades of it and these are the colors for the Art de Fete logo as well. Win-win!

  2. I love it !! Thank you for sharing with us all these ideas…it’s really beautiful !! And what a surprise to read you love Giada Valenti too !! My name is Nathalie, I’m French, and I adore Italy and this wonderful Italian singer who is Giada…I came from France to see her at Dix Hills Performing Arts Center (Long Island) in March 2013 and I can’t wait to see her again…she is really talented with an amazing and sweet heart…Each time I listen her I’ve got chills… Do you know that her new project is filming a PBS Special Television ? You can know more about her dream project here and maybe you can try to consider to help her and share it with all your friends and readers… http://igg.me/at/giadavalenti

    I made this video to try to show to the others how it’s beautiful to make a dream a reality…I love her so much that I would love to help her to realize her dream and let her fly with her music all around a world : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Yqrhj0yDlk

    Thank you very much for your elegant blog and all the good ideas and recipes you share with us !!
    A bientôt…Nath

    1. Bonjour Nath, thank you for your kind words and comments! My husband and I absolutely love Giada, she is a very special, very talented person. Giada performed at our wedding and all the guests were smitten with her beautiful voice, charm and charisma. We are aware about the PBS Special and very much looking forward to it. Thank you for sharing the links and I hope to see you here again.
      A bientôt!

      1. Bonjour 🙂 and I didn’t know she had sung to your wedding !! WOW…All my congratulations to you and your husband and I wish you a splendid and long life together !!
        I’m happy you can go and see Giada for her PBS Special…She ROCKS !! Enjoy it and Have fun !! and don’t hesitate to share this news with your friends, maybe they will be able to help her 😉
        Greetings from France and sure that now I know it I will follow your wonderful and interesting Blog !!
        A bientôt Svitlana !

        1. She is an amazing singer and a beautiful soul. We actually took our friends to her annual concert in the city and they truly loved it! By the way, Giada has a blog as well.
          Merci beaucoup for all your compliments for my blog, I’m still new to this and every friend and every comment is deeply appreciated! A bientôt Nath! I hope to see you soon here again.

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