Décor: An Elegant Weeknight Soirée

Here is an easy DIY for your flower arrangements – a vessel to hold the flowers, scotch tape and scissors. Place strips of scotch tape across the top of the vessel in a cross patch pattern, fill with water. Cut the stems of the flowers to fit the vessel and insert the flowers in between the tape, attach some green leaves along the rim of your vessel to cover the tape. I used an elongated wooden box from Pottery Barn as my base to hold a clear vessel with water and flowers in it. For this dinner I used peonies because of their intoxicating smell and luscious full flowers. Peonies are a bit nostalgic for me. They always send me back into my childhood memories when every spring I would wait them to blossom with excited anticipation. There was always an abundance of blooming light pink, deep fuchsia or pristine white peonies in our “polisadnik” – a small garden in my grandmother’s village. I kept the table décor simple by using a long table cloth which I tacked on both ends to expose the edges of the table. I used a simple white China from Lenox, woven wooden chargers and crispy white napkins to match. Throughout the dinner I like to play music at a low volume. I find that the right selection can really help to create an intimate, cozy ambiance in the room that will actually enhance the conversation. At this particular dinner we played a compilation of light Brazilian jazz and soft dance tracks from Ibiza Fever 2009 Lounge.

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