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cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-highlands-blogger-with-skiescloud-nine-alpine-bistro-highlands-aspen Restaurant: Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro Cuisine: Swiss and Continental cuisine Chef: Michael Johnston Location: Aspen Highlands, Top of the Cloud Nine Lift Note: Ski-in ski-out only cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-going-up-highlands I can’t tell you how many times we finished our lunches at Cloud Nine with champagne duels, dancing on the chairs in our ski boots (not the easiest thing to do) and singing along to the DJ’s tunes with other like-minded guests. cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-got-off-exhibition-chairlift People are drawn to this legendary restaurant for its unique and fun atmosphere. On the day of this shoot it was no different. My heart is pounding just thinking about it! cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-ski-down But Cloud Nine is not only famous for its afternoon parties and champagne spraying, but also for its upscale Swiss Alpine cuisine where Chef Michael Johnston is at the helm of its culinary glory. cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-arrived The former ski patrol hut is nestled between mountains in Highlands. When you ski down to the restaurant, beautiful views of the iconic Maroon Bells and mountain range with snow covered peaks open up creating a magical feeling, especially on a sunny day like the one we were lucky to have on the shoot. The real trick though is getting back down after all the bubbly you consume at lunch – all of a sudden skiing gets much more difficult:). So let’s begin…. cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-best-hot-chocolate-ever Warm up by the fireplace and taste their hot chocolate, it is insanely, heavenly silky and and considered the best on the mountain by many! cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-chilled-seafood-champagne How exotic and unusual it is to have fresh raw seafood at 11,000 feet above the sea level?! The seafood platter with oysters, shrimp, lobster and crab is just glorious. cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-seafood-platter The freshest crustatians are served on ice and arranged in a superbly refined presentation. cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-beef-tartar We tend to always start our lunches with chilled seafood; it sets the mood and wakes up the taste buds. Of course we must have a perfectly chilled bottle of Veuve Clicquot to wash down the succulent shellfish. cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-beautiful-charcuterie-platter Friendly staff is up to speed and very attentive. cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-smoked-trout-spreadcloud-nine-alpine-bistro-frisee-salad If going with a group of friends, share chef’s smoked trout spread, served in a jar with crusty, charred toast and some frisee. cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-smoked-trout cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-beef-tartar-with-yolkcloud-nine-alpine-bistro-beef-tartar-closeup Also try the beef tartar with egg yolk; it is very fresh, finely diced, and I love the garnishes. cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-talking-to-the-chef My husband and I enjoy meeting chefs and talking to them about their experiences like where the produce is sourced from? What kind of grass the beef was feeding on? And so on. Chef Michael was charming and engaging with us. cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-chef-michael-johnston Chef Michael in action- not one dish is released without his final check and touches- garnishing, fixing, making sure the plate is clean. cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-when-the-fun-begins cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-braised-beef-with-polentacloud-nine-alpine-bistro-braised-beef-short-ribs Braised beef short ribs on a bed of polenta, tender baby carrots, crispy green beans, gremolata and golden raisins. cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-red-wine-for-meat-course A glass of medium-full bodied red wine goes perfectly well with it! cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-my-main-course This is a gorgeous meat course – just look at all the colors – and is super flavorful due to those long hours braising in wine, stock and other aromatics! cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-salmon Salmon seared to perfection with crispy skin served on a bed of green lentils, baby spinach & fine herbs. Reminds me of my time in the Alps! cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-eating-panseared-salmon I am a big fan of lentils especially during the cold winter months, and paired with salmon makes for a superb meal. cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-clinking-champagne-with-friends cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-chocolate-fondue If you don’t yet feel full just from looking at all these mouthwatering images of the food we tried, here is our dessert- chocolate fondue with berries & tiny marshmallows. We like to finish on a sweet note before the battle ( aka champagne duels). cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-spraying-champagne And if you’re not fast enough, it will be drowned in champagne splashes.  There’s so much of the bubbly sprayed that the wooden ceiling beams practically ooze it! cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-tommy-tollesson The man to know is restaurateur Tommy Tollesson who is always there, pleasant looking with a nice smile and a bit mischievous twinkle in his eyes, like he knows what going to unfold later on at the two o’clock seating. cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-artdefete-teamcloud-nine-alpine-bistro-outside-patio-2 If you are the person who hits the slopes first thing in the morning, makes plans to meet with friends by noon for a gourmet lunch, and then plans on skiing again after, go for the twelve-noon seating. If you decide to make a reservation for the two o’clock seating (and if you’re lucky enough to get it), there isn’t any skiing afterwards. You’d be lucky just to make it back down the mountain! The second seating is when the fun mayhem rules the place. Tommy is playing excellent tunes on an awesome sound system (which by the way is the first thing he replaced after he took over the place), open kitchen is jamming, servers are weaving through the crowd of happy revelers and the atmosphere is electric. cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-cheers Don’t get me wrong, Cloud Nine is not a teenage party place; it is a top-notch restaurant with a very capable chef and mostly sophisticated clientele. It just has that extra oomph at that two o’clock seating. You can feel it in the air when you get there – the mass anticipation that something exciting and fun is just about to happen. But don’t be late for the two o’clock; at three the Champagne starts to spray and then your food is done! cloud-nine-alpine-bistro-outside-patio   LOOK: Bogner made amazing one-piece ski suites this season, mine was in baby blue. I paired the look with messy braid tied with my daughter’s Hermes scarf and Michael Kors pink hat. I like to accessorize my ski outfits, it adds a touch of mountain glamour and makes the outfit interesting when I take off the jacket. I tend to refrain from dark colors under the jacket. Photographed by Michele Cardamone.    

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7 thoughts on “Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro”

    1. Tony, this is one of our fav places on earth, literally! :))) You can’t help but feel happy there.The ambiance of this restaurant is magnetic! Food is incredible, vistas are breathtaking!

  1. Well I just had a lunch at Cloud Nine. I still even feel the taste of seafood and Veuve Clicquot in my mouth :)It was such exciting and fascinating post and it sounds like the must place for visiting.
    I admire the way you look, the idea with scarf is fantastic, really interesting. How it can be, you look like diva even in ski suit. Tell me you secret.:))

    1. Dear Olesia, I really enjoy reading your comments, you are fun, GIRL! We’ve been coming to Aspen for many years now & you can’t go there without having at least one reservation at Cloud 9 restaurant. Any lunch will always end up memorable, you know there will be delicious food, electric ambiance and plenty of fun! Just for a second, it was Monday on the day of the shoot, the most desired seating at 2 o’clock was completely sold out, we were dancing, singing and genuinely having the time of our life!

  2. Real lady looks glamours even while skiing. Great outfit! And your recent obsession with fishtail braid suits you just right, and highlights your charming Eastern European features! You couldn’t have done it better, girl.

    1. Olen’ka, thank you so much! I did embrace a fish tail in Aspen, first of all, it is just so comfortable when you ski to have it all neat & tight, Gary used to braid my hair before:))), but his braid isn’t as artsy as these ones and my hair gets very static in cold weather so braids also help with it. Just my few tricks:)))

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