Bar Masa

Restaurant: Bar Masa Cuisine: Japanese Executive Chef: Masa Takayama Location: Time Warner, Columbus Circle bar-masa-going-to-restaurant We like Bar Masa so much that it was the first place we went out to after our daughter was born. I gave birth on Monday night by Friday we were out for sushi at Bar Mass. And ahhhh… did that feel good after not being able to have it for 9 months! bar-masa-in-time-warner-building Sushi on Friday night is our family tradition and on special Friday’s we go to Masa. Their exceptional quality sushi and sashimi masterfully prepared by the three Michellin starred Chef Masa is absolutely delectable and literally melts in your mouth. bar-masa-chopsticks They also have an extensive selection of very creative hot, warm and cold dishes designed and prepared with the best technique of the modern Japanese  cuisine. I like seasonal warm Brussels sprouts with mushrooms and bottarga. bar-masa-eating-sushi While Masa restaurant is one of the most expensive Japanese restaurants in the city, if not the most expensive, it is also arguable the best. bar-masa-spirits But few people know that you can have same exceptional quality of food for less at Bar Masa. bar-masa-beautiful-bar The setting there is superb modern Japanese that is also warm. bar-masa-banquette-area There is a number of tables available but our favorite place to sit is at their long bar which is intimate enough for a romantic date night. bar-masa-drinking-sake It is admirable that even with his stature and acclaim, Chef Masa is still fully involved in his restaurant. bar-masa-fall-arrangment He designs his amazing recipes, prepares signature Masa dishes, makes sushi almost every night and goes as far as to come in on Sundays to prepare the rice so as not to reveal his secret recipe to anyone else.  And it is truly delicious. So Chef Masa, keep the secret sauce secret! bar-masa-sushi-pieces There is attention to every detail at Masa including presentation of dishes and food. bar-masa-salmon-sushi Sushi looks almost magical as if someone lined up jeweled candy on a black lacquered sliver of a serving dish. It is all about the cutting technique when it comes to the sushi grade fish. A proper cut by a master sushi chef will guaranty that each piece has the correct texture, feel and consistency and it actually enhances the taste of already superb fish. bar-masa-dining-at-the-bar Perfectly composed sushi pieces on top of a small amount of light delicious rice create a perfect balance and if that’s not Zen – what is? bar-masa-oranges For desert, try the Green tea crepe cake that is so delicate and light that it almost appears fragile. bar-masa-by-the-bar That distinguished taste of matcha powder mixed with silky cream layered with layers and layers of super thin crepes will coat your palate and envelope the taste buds. Resistance is futile – surrender immediately and enjoy! bar-masa-the-walkbar-masa-outfit LOOK: Monochromatic look of black classic Chanel skirt & white top with a touch of red. bar-masa-red-heels-charlotte-olympia bar-masa-leaving-the-restaurant Photographed by Gary Flom.          

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