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armani-ristorante-wearing-armani-jacket It’s been a couple of months since we had our youngest daughter Veronika, and we are beginning to venture out beyond the ten-minute radius of our apartment to revisit our favorite restaurants as well as check out some new ones. On one of our recent forays we decided to try the Armani restaurant on 5th & 56th. We had actually stopped by this restaurant with friends back in November, but I was towards the end of my pregnancy and seated with a large group of people, so I didn’t feel we were able to try it out properly. But I was intrigued by the presentation of the dishes and made a mental note to come back after I gave birth. Strangely enough, we had visited and loved the Armani Ristorantes in Dubai and Milan, but had not thought of going to the location here at home. The Armani Ristorante in NYC is situated on the 3rd floor of the Armani flagship store on 5th Avenue. While, of course, there is an elevator, I strongly suggest walking up, or at least taking a look at this gorgeous architectural staircase designed by Mr. Armani himself, as it is the vertical centerpiece of the space. I couldn’t resist taking a photo there! armani-ristorante-modern-design The décor is exquisite, with clean, modern lines, sensual, understated tones, and yet still with warm and inviting atmosphere– classic Armani. The demure lighting greatly contributes to that effect. However, this is something one would expect from Armani, as he is after all a master of design and a veritable institution of fashion, but a really top quality restaurant? In one word: yes. You will not be disappointed. armani-ristorante-the-view armani-ristorante-sleek-interior Mr. Armani is an absolute stickler for details, and exerts an ironclad grip on all facets of his empire, apparently including the restaurant in New York. We were told that he personally picked the chef de cuisine, as well as an old-school trained pasta chef from an obscure village in Italy. And let me tell you, he made the right picks! From the classic prosciutto and mozzarella, to octopus and the fabulous Turbo, which was just fantastic and quite frankly unexpected, everything we tried was superb. armani-ristorante-interior-design armani-ristorante-vitello-tonnato The absolute  piece-de-resistance was Vitello Tonnato. It is one of my favorite dishes to start with, and I am absolutely obsessed with Armani’s version. armani-ristorante-vitello-tonnato-with-eggs-capers The chef only uses tuna belly for the sauce,  sous vides the veal, and then garnishes the dish with grinded coffee from Guatemala, fried capers, cherry tomatoes and quail eggs. The finished dish is visually stunning on the plate and the taste is heavenly. The absolute best Vitello Tonnato I’ve ever had. armani-ristorante-bread-basket The bread basket is a masterpiece in itself. armani-ristorante-octopus-salad The grilled octopus salad with blood orange puree is paired with crisp and slightly bitter radicchio and chicory, segments of pomelo and a sweet persimmon slice. armani-ristorante-grilled-octopus-saladarmani-ristorante-grilled-octopus A bright and beautiful presentation of the octopus salad exceeds all expectations, including the flavor profile. Tender octopus, cooked with aromatics and then grilled to perfection, is one of the best appetizers on the menu. armani-ristorante-biting-into-octopus armani-ristorante-stunning-armani-earrings armani-ristorante-spinach-tagliolini-with-langoustines Tagliolini Verdi lands its beautiful spring green color due to pasta dough mixed with spinach. All pastas are made in house fresh daily. armani-ristorante-spinach-tagliolini-langoustines Tagliolini is served with a stunning, “cooked just right” langoustine, it is similar to sashimi grade and you can almost taste the ocean, tiny wild mushrooms and generously sliced black truffles. armani-ristorante-enjoying-spinach-tagliolini-langoustines armani-ristorante-finished-pasta-plate armani-ristorante-turbo-fillet Rombo is Turbo in Italian. The tender, slightly sweet filet is sautéed in olive oil with just a touch of butter to promote a beautiful golden hue. The fish is paired with an earthy, soft slice of celery root that was baked in salt crust for eight hours, caramelized apple juice, thin shavings of apple and celery root crumble.  Black truffles are sliced on top, of course! armani-ristorante-turbo-with-truffles armani-ristorante-at-lunch As for dessert, try their decadent, rich chocolate cake that melts in your mouth. armani-ristorante-chocolate-dessert armani-ristorante-sweet-treats Financiers, macaroons, marshmallows, fruit jellies rolled in sugar and puffed pastry filled with cream are after lunch small bites everyone loves! armani-ristorante-small-sweet-treats A lesson on Italian coffee etiquette: don’t order coffee with milk, such as a cappuccino or caffe latte, after a meal. Fancy a coffee? Go for a rich single espresso instead with a bite of dark chocolate from the Armani collection. armani-ristorante-architectural-staircase armani-ristorante-shop-and-dine-experience I love this restaurant and it is now my go to place whenever I am in the neighborhood. I simply cannot get enough of it. I take my girlfriends there for lunch when I can, and my husband and I have dinner there at least once a week with friends. They all leave amazed with the food, ambience and outstanding service. Make it your place – you’ll love it! Photographed by Gary Flom.  

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  1. Your so trust worthy! Your a true specialist when it comes to being a fashion, food, and accessory critic! No one I would trust in these departments quicker then you! If you say this a must try, I say I can’t wait to have the Armani Ristorante experience!!! So eager to go!!!!! Photos you captured are truly remarkable and the presentation looks impeccable!!!!!

    1. Danielle, thank you so much for your comment & trusting my expertise in dining!:) Armani Ristorante has decadent, I can even say “sexy” food & beautiful ambiance that intrigued me the very first time we dined there. Now we are regulars. I can’t wait for you to try it & hear your feedback!

  2. Thank you for the detailed and highly informative post on Armani Restaurant. We tried this restaurant few times when they first opened in 2008. While we enjoyed its trendy decor, we were disappointed with the food. However, after reading about your experience and looking at such amazing images of exclusive dishes, we decided to give it another chance!

    1. Elena, thank you for your honest feedback. The restaurant has a new chef who previously worked in Moscow & at Pushkin restaurant in NYC. His creativity in pairing flavors & textures is simply superb that at times is even playful. Who would of thought to pair Vitello Tonnato with quail eggs & ground coffee?!! In addition, there is a Michelin-star worthy presentation & excellent service. I love dining there with my husband, the menu has our favorite Italian foods! Give it another chance & I look forward to hearing your feedback soon!

  3. Thank you for all the recommendations – can’t wait to try this restaurant. The food looks flawless and I love the ambiance. This post is by far my favorite food and fashion post.

    1. Chloe, thank you so much for your comment! Armani Ristorante offeres this delectable dining experience where the food is as stylish & beautiful as the designer’s signature fashion line. The food is elegant, delicious, authentically Italian and not pretentious! I hope you’ll try it soon & I look forward to hearing your feedback.

  4. Love love your blog!!! It’s loaded with fabulous information and always on target. Can’t wait to try Armani, it’s going to be our next reservation. thank you so much!!!

    1. Vilma, thank you so much for following my blog, I really appreciate your comment! Armani Ristorante is a beautiful place that combines three very important ingredients- delectable food, beautiful ambiance & excellent service! Must try in the city!

  5. Svitlana, it’s a very interesting and detailed review of one of the most fashionable and sleek New York City restaurants. Your post reminds how trendy this place is and definitely makes me put Armani Ristorante on top of my list for the next dinner or lunch in the city.
    I also like the pictures that you used for your article, very creative and show the restaurant in different angles and perspectives. And, as always, you look sophisticated!

    1. Vera, thank you so much for your comment & compliments! Please do visit Armani Ristorante, it is equally good for lunch & for dinner. The food is exceptionally delicious with beautiful ambiance to match. I look forward to hearing about your experience there soon! Warmest regards!

  6. This is so amazing how with your vibrant pictures and description you found a way for me to want to go to Armani Ristorante right now! 🙂 The food presentation on the photos looks amazing! I absolutely sure it will worth it, I’m sure you have a lot of experience and have been to so many high end places, yet you write only about the most exquisite and sophisticated ones. After reading your post and seeing these magnificent pictures of meals and elegant atmosphere, Armani Ristorante is definitely on my try it list!

    1. Anya, thank you so much for your comment. Armani Ristorante in NYC is definitely an upscale dining establishment with amazing Italian cuisine & impressive wine list. I love going there for lunch & dinners, the vibe is different too. Busy at lunch and sexy & intimate in the evening, must try! Let me know how you liked it if you decide to go!

  7. This will be fantastic. My friends and I love your blog along with all your recipes. Armani is so lucky to have you by their side. You are such an incredible woman who I am grateful to know. Can’t wait to try this when I get back!

  8. I so missed your Food & Fashion reportage series and am rejoiced to have you come back from your maternity leave with full force!!! Although I am a devotee of the Armani Ristorante in Milan, I am yet to discover its New York version. Your beautifully photographed and masterfully described experience at the Armani Ristorante in New York certainly inspired me to try it out asap!

    1. Thank you so much, Natasha! I am so passionate about the restaurants that Gary & I love, it comes naturally easy to write about my experiences there. Armani Ristorante is a nice come back I must admit myself. The menu is so beautifully curated, it has everything I want to eat for lunch or dinner- delicious elegantly composed plates & beautiful ambiance to match. I hope to take you there once you make your come back from the maternity leave:)

  9. This looks absolutely stunning! The food looks delicious and the atmosphere seems so welcoming. I’ve been looking for a restaurant to bring my boyfriend to for his birthday and this looks like the perfect spot! Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful place, can’t wait to try it!

    1. Bonnie, I think Armani Ristorante would be perfect for a special celebration! The menu is incredible with signature Italian dishes reinvented and it has a beautiful, even “sexy” atmosphere to match but it is indeed welcoming at the same time! I hope you guys will like it! Can’t wait to read about your experience there.

  10. My darling Svitlana, what a Beautiful and Inspirational place you chose for this post!!!
    While walking on 5th Avenue, I couldn’t imagine there is such unique restaurant hidden behind Armani doors. I absolutely adore the way you presented this place and styled yourself accordingly.
    This Armani Restaurant looks so NYC: Cool and Elegant in one set. The interior design and the food presentation are magnificent! It makes me to visit this place together as soon as we back to NYC. And sure, let’s don’t forget about the Shopping :)))
    I keep looking at these pictures again and again, and just can’t get enough. Svetulik, you are just Expert in creating the Magic :))) Please, keep doing your fantastic inspirational job!!!

    1. My dear friend, thank you so much for your lovely feedback and comment! I’ll be looking forward to taking you guys to Armani Ristorante next time you are in the city!

  11. Thank you sharing your experience! I have been to Armani Restaurant a few times and always enjoyed it. Your post inspired me to go back! Beautiful restaurant and setting! Love this post and the photos are stellar!

    1. Dear Violet, thank you so much for your feedback. The restaurant is indeed beautiful with food to match. I am so happy you had a great experience there and that my post inspired you to go back! They have a new chef who is a total rockstar in the kitchen!

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