Mother’s Day Dinner

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Mother’s Day Dinner

Mother’s Day is indisputably one of the most beloved holidays of the year. Late spring flowers are in bloom, the air is  warm and  fragrant with the humidity of the summer still nowhere in sight, it is a perfect time to honor your mom with an elegant lunch or dinner at home with the family.

Bon Appétit!
Photographed by  Gary Flom.


My Mom lives in  Ukraine so this year I decided to have a dinner for my wonderful  mother-in-law. I collaborated with  Juliska, a small, innovative dinnerware design company with an extraordinarily passionate artistic attitude.


That was really befitting for my  mother-in-law who with her 60s’ movie star looks is also very creative and despite limited resources, actually designed and made her own dresses and hats earlier in life. We invited our immediate family which is relatively small especially when considering the relatives who are local and shared a warm, relaxed evening with plenty of laughter, having  great foodwine and recounting lots of  family stories and  lore.


Mustard & Fennel Swordfish Skewers with Pea Hummus make an unforgettable spring dish for a wonderful  Mother’s Day dinner or brunch. A handful of fresh mint leaves subtly enhance the intensity of the taste while blanched  green peas and  hummus cut through the richness of the fish adding an additional healthy touch to this preparation.


Spring Chicken is the hallmark dish of the season. I simply roasted the succulent  chicken legs and served them with  vegetable couscous and a dollop of  pesto on top.


While this  cheesecake is made from basic traditional ingredients there are two special additions that give this particular cake its distinct taste-  passionfruit and  white chocolate!


The soft creamy cheesecake batter is mixed with luscious melted  white chocolate and juice of passionfruit pulp which is then poured into the buttery  biscuit crust base. Once the cake is baked to light-golden perfection, let it rest in the fridge overnight. It is absolutely delicious!


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2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Dinner”

    1. Thank you so much, we had an amazing time with the family, my parents-in-law absolutely loved this dinner! And the dress is by the new designer Gabriela Cadena, i’m glad you like it! Form-fitting but modest enough to host dinner for the in-Laws:)))

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